MTV「MTV81」- Pile #MTV51th boardcast


Hi, it’s Pile

声優とアニメのソング歌手よろしく お願いします
I’m voice actress and an anime song singer


Pile – Pile is a popular voice actress/singer who does the voice of a number of beloved anime characters. She’s also a member of various musical units. She hosts one the programson Niconico, a Japanese video sharing website. Also known internationally, her Twitter account boasts a large number of followers. We are delighted to present you with her live performance and interview.

What made you doing this?
I wanted to become a musician. And while I was striving to continue working as a musician, I was given an opportunity to voice a character. That led me to sing anime songs and voice other characters. I was ready to seek another career if I didn’t pass the audition for voice acting. It was a great turning point. I can perform at special events because I sing anime songs. And now I have so many people listening to my songs. I could not be more grateful.

How do you feel about being a member of many different groups?
When I first made my debut I was thinking of being a solo musician. I could never imagine I would be a part of any groups. Being in a group is great, because the members can share the same feelings. For example, if I played on my own on a stage, no one can share my viewpoint. I’m the only one experiencing it. Playing as a group member is reassuring. Not only can we share the same feelings but also we can appreciate different viewpoints. That’s what I love about playing in groups. I have learnt classic ballet and other types of dance since I was little. So I’ve always loved to dance. That’s why I had so much fun dancing and singing in voice actress groups, because I could make use of what I learnt from dancing.

How do your overseas fans respond?
Many of them come to know about me through the anime series. For my internet program, I receive letter and e-mails from overseas, too. They comment on the spot on my Niconico videos. The comments are in English, Chinese, Korean… from different countries. When I perform in events abroad, fans welcome me at the airport. Just like my fans in Japan, overseas fans are so welcoming. When I went to Taiwan to play solo as an opening performer, I didn’t feel like I was in a foreign country at all. They were so excited. They completely understood what I said. I couldn’t be thankful enough.

What do you think about playing overseas?
I would love to play overseas. I meet so many people from so many different countries at my event. Some even come every time. They are so nice… They’re waiting for me in their countries, in China, Taiwan and US… Just like my fans in Japan are waiting for me in their regions. So I would love to go anywhere to perform, if there are people waiting for me.


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