Pile is coming to Cosplay Mania

On Pile 18th NND broadcast, Pile announced that she will be going as live guest for Cosplay Mania.

This is her first time appearing at Cosplay Mania.

One of her interview.

What do you think about playing overseas?
I would love to play overseas. I meet so many people from so many different countries at my event. Some even come every time. They are so nice… They’re waiting for me in their countries, in China, Taiwan and US… Just like my fans in Japan are waiting for me in their regions. So I would love to go anywhere to perform, if there are people waiting for me.

Read more interview details at : https://amusuaninews.wordpress.com/2015/07/08/mtv81-pile-boardcast/

pile cm

Pile’s announcement.


Pile will be coming on 3rd-4th October 2015 at Function Rooms 2-5, SMX Convention Center.

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Catch her exclusive Nihonsei Project video at: www.facebook.com/NihonseiProject/videos/1592334027694954

Ticketing information for Cosplay Manila.

cm ticket price

*For more information, please visit: http://cosplaymania.com/category/tickets/

Read more about Pile’s recent blog regarding about the passing of friend at: https://amusuaninews.wordpress.com/2015/07/08/pile-kao-hareru/

Now is the time to cheer Pile up!

And also Catch 池田 彩 / Aya Ikeda, 五木あきら Itsuki Akira, LOVERIN TAMBURIN, and Pile perform live for their Philippine fans!

Article by: 「Amusu」 | Love Live! μ’s

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