Cosplay Mania 15 is back! And it’s even more enthralling to attend this upcoming biggest Philippine’s event of the year!

With highly anticipated guest line-up and various happenings at Cosplay Mania 15, fans from Philippine shouldn’t miss it! And here are the reasons why you should attending Cosplay Mania 15.

Cosplay Mania Schedule

Are you a fan of Love Live or Nishikino Maki or even the seiyuu herself? Then you are in luck! Don’t miss this golden rare opportunity to meet Pile!

Pile, also known as the seiyuu of Nishikino Maki, the highly anticipated JAM guest will be attending Cosplay Mania for the first time on the 4th of October 2015.

Pile CM

Pile will be having her JAM performance as well as 2 Meet-and-Greet sessions on the 4th of October 2015 at Cosplay Mania. Meet-and-Greet ticket holders will get their hands on Cosplay Mania’s extremely unique Pile’s autograph posters. You can also participate in the Pile’s Questions & Answers during the Meet-and-Greet sessions. [REMEMBER TO BRING YOUR KING BLADE OR PINK LIGHT STICKS!!] [Do comment down if you have any questions for Pile for the Q&A sessions, as most probably Amusu will be flying down to attend Cosplay Mania]

Catch Pile’s LIVE and her Meet-and-Greet by purchasing the tickets on SM ticket or via online NOW at:

And of course, there will be other all-time favourite JAM artists such as:

itsuki akira

Itsuki Akira, a famous Japanese cosplayer known for her dazzling cosplay from Love Live and is a rising J-Pop idol.


Ladybeard, an internationally known star for his awesomeness bikini dressing and Heavy metal singer x pop idol style. It will be his first time appearing at Cosplay Mania.

aya ikeda

Aya Ikeda, a popular singer of the theme songs such as Heartcatch Precure!, Suite Precure, and Smile Precure.

Loverin tamburin

LOVERIN TAMBURIN, a famous international Japanese band will be appearing at Cosplay Mania once again! And known to perform songs for Disgaea, Natsuhiro Drops, and Oedo BlackSmith.

Furthermore and more exciting international cosplay celebrities will be joining you at Cosplay Mania. And it’s your best chance to meet them up close in real life!


Kaname, one of the world’s top 5 cosplayers will be returning back! Famous for his realistic cosplay of Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII, and Lavi Bookman from D.Gray-man

ying tze

Ying Tze, one of the most popular cosplayers and Ying Tze will be coming to Cosplay Mania for the first time!

baozi and hana

Baozi and Hana, well-known cosplay duo for their Touken Ranbu, Free! Cosplay. It’s their first time to Cosplay Mania too!

And last but not least, there will be a surprise guest from Singapore!!!!


Things to take note!

Important Announcement from Cosplay Mania: Due to health issues, Hana and Baozi will only be able to provide a limited number of photo ops during their Meet and Greet session.

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Article by: 「Amusu」

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