Interview: 10 Things About Mimori Suzuko That You Would Like To Know! [LOVE LIVE AMUSU TRANSLATION]


Mimori Suzuko, also known as the Seiyuu of Umi Sonoda from Love Live! franchise. Here’s Mimorin’s 10 favourite things and not good at dealing with things.


Like: Dog

I wanted a dog but currently I stayed alone, however I had a dog at my parents’ house.

Not good with: Monkey

Even though the eyes are cute, but the odour is really unacceptable. I’m very sensitive to smell.



Like: Spicy food

Thai food such as Tom Yum Goong, and as well as Korean tofu hotpot. I also like curry.

Not good with: Pudding

Very sorry but had a lot of these in gifts. When your tongue has slippery sweet stuff, the feeling is really too ×.


Like: Refreshing warm colours

Like those clear colours like hot pink. It can lift up my spirits.

Not good with: Pale colours

Most likely I wouldn’t choose these colours for my clothes. Example, colours like brown.


Like: Summer

Really love summer! Wearing light and thin clothing, and the feeling of openness during the summer is really satisfying! (I think Mimorin is hinting “Mizuki”? 😛

Not good with: Winter

I really dislike cold. I’ll wear a lot of thick clothing, and will ended up staying at home.


Like: English

I’ve a standard of “英検2級”

*工業英検2級 = English-Language Proficiency Level 2

And able to communicate fairly when I’ve to work at overseas (Laughs).

Not good with: Mathematics and Science

I don’t understand Mathematics, and even more for Science. Therefore, I’m more of a language person.

And if you are wondering what level is “工業英検2級”.

Example (Translate): Living organisms are autonomous, self-propagating chemical systems. They are made from a distinctive and restricted set of small carbon-based molecules that are essentially the same for every living species. The main categories are sugars, fatty acids, amino acids, and nucleotides. Sugars are a primary source of chemical energy for cells and can be incorporated into

polysaccharides for energy storage. Fatty acids are also important for energy storage, but their most significant function is in the formation of cell membranes. Polymers consisting of amino acids constitute the remarkably diverse and versatile macromolecules known as proteins. Nucleotides play a central part in energy transfer and also are the subunits from which the informational macromolecules, RNA and DNA, are made.

To: 生物は、自律的で自己増殖をする化学システムである。生物は、基本的にはどの生物にも共通であるが、各生物ごとに特有で、かつ限定された小さい炭素化合物からできている。その主なものは糖、脂肪酸、アミノ酸、およびヌクレオチドである。糖は細胞の化学エネルギー源であり、多糖を形成してエネルギーを貯蔵できる。脂肪酸もエネルギーの貯蔵に重要であるが、その一番重要な働きは細胞膜の形成である。タンパク質はアミノ酸からなるポリマーであり、非常に多様、かつ多能な巨大分子である。ヌクレオチドはエネルギー転移に中心的役割を果たし、情報を担う巨大分子であるRNAやDNAなどの構成単位となる。

Leisure activities

Like: the Sea, and the pool

Although this year, I bought two new bright colours bikini, I felt it was a pity as I only got to wear one.

Not good with: Winter sports

I’m not good at skiing, especially snowboarding because I’m afraid of cold. During my first skiing experience, I was caught by a snowstorm and this left me an unpleasant experience.


Like: Shinjuku

I frequented Shinjuku neighbourhood often for my work, and (road) is easy to understand. I also know the shortcut trail.

Not good with: Ikebukuro

It’s like a dungeon to me (Laughs). I’ll get lost because there are east side Seibu and west side Tobu.

Watching sports
Like: individual sports
Individual sports like swimming or skiing. And recently, I often watched professional wrestling.
Not good with: football
Not sure when will they score. And when it’s a tough match, I don’t have the time to relax in a daze.

Like: care
Care for family, for friends, for work, and be considerate before any actions would be the best in my opinion.
Not good with: It’s not good?
After saying this, I’ll be worried if the person is feeling uncomfortable.



Like: Cheerful

Even the slightest little thing can make me feel blissful, that’s why all the while I’m able to stay cheerful.

Not good with: Hard to feel angry

Hard to feel angry even with irritating stuff. And I’ll soon forget about the incident.

Article by: 「Amusu」

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