9 Reasons To Attend Anime Festival Asia Singapore 2015 – AFA SG 2015

It’s getting closer to the end of November and we only have a couple of days left till Anime Festival Asia Singapore 2015! It will be held at Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre this year. The doors will open as early as 9AM, however, avid event goers would most probably be pulling all-nighters for early entry to get their hands on exclusive merchandise. Tickets range from SGD$13 onwards, where the prices will vary based on category. Get your ticket over-the-counter at your nearest EventCliQue or online purchase via https://tickets.eventclique.com/afa/Online/default.asp


AFASG is the largest Japanese pop culture convention of the year — with over 90,000 attendees over 3 days at AFA 2014! Organized by SOZO, Zepp Live Inc., and Dentsu Group, it’s an event that brings star-studded lineups to the fans. This year, over 16 Anisong artistes, 13 international guest cosplayers, and various featured Anime, DJs, special guests and exhibitors will be attending!

Undoubtedly, AFASG 15 is a highly-anticipated event for Anime-Lover fans from all over Singapore to congregate and indulge themselves during the conventions. Still hesitant about attending AFASG 2015? Let’s give you 9 immensely tempting reasons to purchase your tickets now!!!

It’s one of the biggest(or THE biggest) anime event of the year!


It’s by far the biggest Japanese pop culture conventions in Singapore  Almost 200 exhibitors and dozens of featured contents spread out in the AKIBA mini stage, main stage and I Love Anisong concert. The main exhibition hall aims to bring SG fans an array of authentic & official merchandises from Japan by both local and overseas exhibitors.


The stage halls will be featuring the cosplay showcase (Cosplay All Star Showcase, ARCC – COSPLAY FINALS), the featured Anime showcase as well as special guest performances. Furthermore, artistes from the I Love Anisong concert will also make a special appearance. Last but not least, there would also be the I LOVE ANISONG “REBOOT” concert!!!!

COSPLAY Autograph/ COSPLAY Meet & Greet/ Freebies!


A fan of cosplay? Then you should purchase any cosplay merchandise for as low as SGD$10 (Poster) from Coscom, and be entitled to a Meet & Greet session with your favourite cosplayer.

What’s more important? AUTOGRAPHS & SELFIES are OK! There will be Ely (Taiwan)/ Tomia (Korea)/ Liui (Philippines) merchandise over at the Coscom booth!


Tight on budget? Fret not! Saiko+ booth is offering a FREE Meet & Greet something that we, Singaporeans, will be interested at 🙂

Simply download the Saiko+ app and register, and you can stand a CHANCE to WIN REWARDS & PARTICIPATE in Baozi & Hana’s Meet & Greet session!


More freebies from DAISUKI! Just make your registration as a free DAISUKI.net member during AFASG 2015 at the DAISUKI booth to get your free prize.

Furthermore, you can get to enjoy new seasonal Anime at DAISUKI.net for FREE!

I Love ANISONG Concert! [Updating more information]


AFASG 2015 will be featuring mostly new slate of Anisong artistes. Some even making their debut full concert performances in Singapore!

Friday (27/11) Featuring: Aimer, BACK-ON, bless4, HoneyWorks / CHiCO with HoneyWorks, ZAQ

Saturday (28/11) Featuring P’s LIVE! Super show!: Ayana Taketatsu, Maaya Uchida, Suzuko Mimori, MICHI, Shiori Mikami, Yumiri Hanamori, Yurika Endo

Sunday (29/11) Featuring: GARNiDELiA, Lia, May’n, Mika Kobayashi feat. Tetsuro Shimaguchi, nano


Titile:@P’sLIVE Artists’ Mini Stage at  AFASG

We will be holding special stages with P’sLIVE artists at the Mini Stage during Anime Festival Asia Singapore during November 27-29th! Don’t miss it!

Place: Mini stage at Anime Festival Asia Singapore
(Suntec Singapore Convention and Exhibition Centre)

<Ayana Taketatsu & Shiori Mikami Autograph Session>
Date: 29/11-SUN  15:00-15:45(UTC+8)
Guests: Ayana Taketatsu & Shiori Mikami
How to participate in Ayana Taketatsu ‘s Autograph session: You will receive one ticket for “Ayana Taketatsu ‘s Autograph Session” for each Ayana Taketatsu CD you purchase from the Pony Canyon Booth at AFASG between November 27-29.
How to participate in Shiori Mikami ‘s Autograph session: You will receive one ticket for “Shiori Mikami ‘s Autograph Session” for each Yuru-Yuri CD or Blu-ray you purchase from the Pony Canyon Booth at AFASG between November 27-29.

<Suzuko Mimori & Maaya Uchida Autograph Session>
Date: 29/11-SUN  17:00-17:45(UTC+8)
Guests: Suzuko Mimori, Maaya Uchida
How to participate in Suzuko Mimori ‘s Autograph Session: You will receive one ticket for “Suzuko Mimori’s Autograph Session” for each Suzuko Mimori CD or Blu-ray you purchase from the Pony Canyon Booth at AFASG between November 27-29.
How to participate in Maaya Uchida ‘s Autograph Session: You will receive one ticket for “Maaya Uchida’s Autograph Session” for each Maaya Uchida’s CD or Blu-ray you purchase from the Pony Canyon Booth at AFASG between November 27-29.

<Pony Canyon Artists’ Talk, Mini Live and Autograph Session>
Date: ①27/11-FRI  10:30-11:15(UTC+8)
②27/11-FRI  14:00-14:45 (UTC+8)
③28/11-SAT  11:45-12:30 (UTC+8)
④29/11-SUN  9:30-10:15 (UTC+8)
Guests: Yurika Endo, Yumiri Hanamori and MICHI
How to participate in Autograph session: You will receive one ticket for “Pony Canyon Artists’ Autograph Session” for each Pony Canyon Artists'(Yurika Endo, Yumiri Hanamori or MICHI) CD you purchase from the Pony Canyon Booth at AFASG between November 27-29.
*Anyone can enjoy Talk and Mini Live performance without tickets!

*Important Notes
・We will stop selling products and giving tickets for autograph sessions if the limit per day is reached.
・Number of purchases by a single customer may be limited.
・You can only get what you purchased at the Pony Canyon booth autographed..
・Autograph session tickets are non-interchangeable and can only be used for the specific guest whose product you purchased.
・If you want to participate in different guest’s autograph session, you will need to buy one of her products.
・In the case of natural disasters, unstable social/political conditions and any unavoidable negative circumstances for the organizer and artists, the organizer is entitled to cancel these events.


[UPDATED for HoneyWorks, CHiCO with HoneyWorks and sana’s AUTOGRAPH SESSION]


Super Show! All Star Cosplay! @ Main Stage [Updating]


Meet your favourite international cosplay celebrities up close at the main stage. Featuring a stellar line-up:

Angie, Baozi & Hana, Ely, JUN & NERU, KANAME, Liui, Otogi Nekomu, Sansin, SiuTao, Tomia, Ying Tze

Featured Anime @ AFA Main Stage


Seasonal popular anime will be featured during AFASG, and special guests that are associated to the anime will be making their appearances during the session. Guests will be sharing their experiences and information on their featured Anime. You might just be one of the winners to get exclusive stage items!

Date: Friday, 27/11 – 12:15pm

Anime: Is the order a rabbit??

Artiste: Show Hayami (Voice Actor)

Date: Saturday, 28/11 – 1:00pm

Anime: The Asterisk War

Artiste: Atsushi Tamaru (Voice Actor), Manabu Ono (Director), Yuu Miyazaki (Author)

Date: Saturday, 28/11 – 2:30pm

Anime: Garakowa -Restore the World-

Artiste: Yumiri Hanamori (Voice Actress), Masashi Ishihama (Director)

Date: Sunday, 29/11 – 12:00pm

Anime: YuriYuriSan Hai!

Artiste: Suzuko Mimori (Voice Actress), Shiori Mikami (Voice Actress)

Date: Sunday, 29/11 – 1:00pm

Anime: Charlotte

Artiste: Maaya Uchida (Voice Actress), Lia (Artiste), Yoshiyuki Asai (Director)

Date: Sunday, 29/11 – 2:00pm


Artiste: Makoto Furukawa (Voice Actor)

Promising Idols!

Are you a fan of idols? If yes, then this will definitely be good news! Not just one but TWO idol groups will be coming down to AFASG!

Stand-Up! Hearts presented by CHEERZ


CHEERZ. It’s their number 1 idol group that was chosen by the fans through polling. They aim to deliver both love and courage to everyone with their live mperformances and events. Gear up & get ready, for their upcoming major debut in 2016! May their “HEART” reach you all!

Catch their LIVE performances at the Mini Stage on 27/11-FRI: 1600, 28/11-SAT: 1630, and 29/11-SUN: 1330.


Nijicon (Niji no Conquistador) presented by pixiv


Not your usual common modern idols, but idols from various field such as voice acting, illustrating, cosplaying, and choreographers.

5 out of 10 members will be joining us at AFASG 2015!

Catch their LIVE performances at the Mini Stage on 27/11-FRI: 1215, 28/11-SAT: 1100, and 29/11-SUN: 1100.

AFA Regional Cosplay Championship (ARCC) competition @ AFA Main Stage

Featuring the best international cosplay representatives/ contestants from Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, and Thailand pitted against each other for this prestigious AFA Regional Cosplay Championship title! May the best cosplayer win!


Interested to learn Japanese animation and study in Japan? Always wanted to be certified in this field? Now you can at Kyoto Computer Gakuin!


Kyoto Computer Gakuin will be offering places for international students who are keen on either:

  1. Art & Design
  2. Business & Management
  3. Computer Science
  4. Digital Game & Amusement
  5. Engineering for Embedded Systems

Interested? Then you should be heading down to their booth at AFASG 2015!


Article written by: 「Amusu」 via J-Experience

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