AFA SG 2015: Interview with Mimori Suzuko【AFA会議】三森すずこの面接 【亞洲動漫節】三森鈴子的專訪

Suzuko Mimori, also known as “Mimorin”, performed her first Singapore live at Anime Festival Asia on 28th of November 2015. First debut as a voice actress in 2010, and a singer with Pony Canyon in April 2013. Her recent LIVE Blu-ray , Fun! Fun! Fantasic Funfair! at MAIHAMA Amphitheater, released on 23th of November!

Read about what Mimorin had to say in our short interview with her at AFA SG 2015 below:

Q: What is your recording experience in Love Live?

A:. It’s been 6 years since I’ve taken the Seiyuu role of Sonoda Umi I feel that Umi-chan and I are gradually becoming as one (entity).

Q: What are the storage experience of your love live?

A: about six years able to have Flip do sea sea-chan. Gradually the child sea properly I over the years. More and more there is encouragement of learning you are appointed steadily this life every time.

Q: 您的 Love Live 錄音 體驗 how?

A: self 从扮 演海 Not specific voice actor 已经 过了 six years, we 觉得 sea Not sum We 逐漸 Narutame random one integer 體了.


Q: Apart being as a seiyuu, how do you feel about your Cardfight vanguard stage play?

A:.. I feel that it does not really matter much, as both have something to do with acting However, when I am voicing a character, I would definitely put in more effort in making my characters lively (Laugh)

Q: I think about the stage and voice actor like you?

A: Yeah. . . Even though it does not change to play. So life is Kikoma to your voice than when the work of the Yabari voice. The plays are in the stage is still One you think should be represented by I’m a January now stage use tremendous example in caught his there was Arai in Yabari systemic whole.

Q: 您在 stage on the basis feel sum voice actor how?

A: We 觉得 deaths Yes 很大 specific discrimination, Intame 雙边 Metropolitan Yes Table Starring. Shika而, 當我 good and evil one angle color, our positive Concert turned Sarao specific energetic standing corner on the color.

Q:! In Love Live Who do you ship Umi chan with?

A:. I see … Since there are 9 members in the group, it’s an odd number, so someone would definitely be left out Hmm … who … I feel that Umi chan is quite a character that can enjoy the solitude, and enjoy being alone.

However, if I really have to pick somebody, then most probably I would choose Honoka chan.

When Umi chan is with Honoka chan, Umi chan can revert back into a small young child. Both of them grew up together into high schoolers. Thus, definitely Honoka chan! (Laugh)

Q: Your Love live, with whom Umihitsuji chan Is pair?

A: Uhh. . . Who wonder. . . . Who is one person absolute because Muse is a nine. . . that. . .

Who would What absolute odd one out. But something Umihitsuji chan bad and One wonder if one will feel. And uhh it if if the teeming Do Kiga’s own. . . Who wonder. . . . And do are with ear 乃果 Kana ear 乃果. Umihitsuji chan love does Kara when Umihitsuji chan a small of time. Softened to grow as it is two people sense, really that is that was summer in high school, it is possible to feel that the Flip with ear 乃果, has ear 乃果 certain Tsute 思Tsu.

Q: Jae LoveLive rumored, 你覺 Tokuumi Not 應該 distribution Who?

A: Jae LoveLive This Chuu 9 个成 members, Shi one odd 數, why meetings manned positive 會被 exclusion overseas. 嗯. . 谁呢? We 觉得 sea Not Eternal one 个角 color Allowed than enjoy Ko獨.

如果 true specific requirements 选的 story, we 应该 meeting 选穂 乃果. Toumi Not standing Kazuho 乃果 o’clock, Umihitsuji Allowed 以恢 recovery Itaichi 个小 Boy. Long other 們兩 people 從小 Kazuki, Chokuita high-intermediate students. In此, 絕對 Zeho 乃果 吧!

Q:.? Please tell us more about your 5th single, “Light for Knight” What would you do if you become a knight for one day [J-Exp]

A:! Becoming a knight ?! Ehhh I’m a girl, and I do not want to become a knight !! (Laugh)

If possible, I hope that one day, my knight will appear.

If I actually became a knight, most likely I would want to help out with the cute girls. (Laugh)

Yes. As for my 5th single … Up to now, most of my songs were feminine, cute (ish), cutie type of songs. So for my 5th single, it’s in quite a different genre. It’s (Light for Knight) is a cool and assuasive song. If possible, I would like my fans to actually look up the gap, and note the difference in the song. (Laugh)

Q: Please tell me the details of your fifth single, “Light for Night”. How do When You’re becoming a knight for a day?

A: Once you have become accustomed to the night? E~tsu~tsu~tsu? ! I will become a night because the girl. I do not want to be terrible (laughs). More Night. . that. . This one day Night is I wish Tsute Though we are primarily called to appear in the night.

If Once you’ve lined up in his or night. I wonder it. . Well it is. . Something. . It is helping the cute’re piece hand (laughs)

Fifth single “Light for Night” until now a cute song in my lesson. I girly song was multi-but this time it is really snazzy good. . Would be that. . Since cool emotionally is summer. That. . You Na Tsute not primarily good Once I get in do fun an overview Gap of other people until now.

Q: 請 complaint we 們更 multi 關於 您的 fifth O’brien, “Light for Knight”. 您會 怎麼 做, 如果 您成 for one person knight basis firmament?

A: Narutame one person knight? ! Wareze individual woman 孩子, Fuso當 one person knight. 如果 Allowed following, we hope Yuichi Tenware Allowed 以遇 Itaware basis hit basis knight. 如果 ShinNaru Tameichi name knight, we 應該 Tadayo-kyosuke cute manner woman 孩子.

Narutame one person knight? ! Wareze individual woman 孩子, Fuso當 one person knight. 如果 Allowed following, we hope Yuichi Tenware Allowed 以遇 Itaware basis hit basis knight. 如果 ShinNaru Tameichi name knight, we 應該 Tadayo-kyosuke cute manner woman 孩子.

Itaru 於我 manner fifth O’brien …… 截至 imminent, we specifically large multi 數歌 song Shi feminization, cute specific song cute typology. . In此, 對於 we specifically fifth O’brien, 它是 one full unequal basis style. 這是 (Light for Knigh) Shi one HiyaShizu sum palliative song. 如果 possible specific story, we hope we specific song 迷可 以實 when 查找 discrimination, parallel note standing song manner disparity.

Q: What would you like to do for your next One Man Live?

A:!!.. One Man Live..hmm … My recent “Fun Fun Fantasic Funfair was not really a live, but more like a show performance I sing & dance, and did some acting as a seiyuu Hope that for my next live, I could try something similar, and hope you guys can also look forward to it!

Q: Do what you want for your next one-man live?

A: Hmm. . That’s right. In this time, “Fun! Fun! Funfasic FunFair!” Is really because the various meaning majority was One’s show type all live than live. softened or a Su to I ur song, and then you also dance, phases because that would do the voice actor also was his when domination following the. The next time because live has been one this time, yet its little before sweetness. Since this time, “Fun! Fun! Funfasic FunFair!” This next time another, Zona, musicals such like, I like the show. It was me, it is not possible, you live Do not Tsute are mainly good when you are.

Q: 請問 您想 for 你的 under one One Man Live 做出 Inmo?

A: “!! Fun Fun Fantasic Funfair” recently we specifically Fuze full Shi 个演 Concert, 而更 image Shi one Xiu representation. We song sum Mai蹈, parallel 做了 one 些充 當聲 Yu. We hope manner under one active, we Allowed 以嘗 trial analogously activities, hope 你們 也可 than expected one below!

Q:.? How do you feel about performing in group and solo Is there any significant difference in your opinion [J-Exp]

A:. For the group performances, they are many members Everyone helps, supports one another, and everyone thinks together I’ll motivate myself by thinking:. “I’ll try my best not to let everyone down”.

Actually, I’m not fluent with the talking segment of the performances, and usually with the other members around, they will help me through it. I’m very thankful for these. I’m really grateful for their supports when performing in group .

As for the solo, I would usually tell myself: “. I must pull through this whole thing I’ve to be strong as there’s no one for me to rely on, and I can only rely on myself.”

I think it’s really very fun, as I could get all the all the attention. Everyone would be focusing on me! (Laugh)

Q: Can you feel about playing in a group or solo? In your opinion, is there any significant difference?

A: At that time, that the Well. . Lot After all, a lot to have thickness is that is helping to members. Also because they Utatsu together the song everyone. Somehow I this, so, not a Na that, good to very I ago to become a bust. Or something out O also leave its, to members one can help us can have fine, really softening support addressed, assistant one person. Solo after all because I only have. that. . In have among always strained start. And a pass wield this yourself. that. . What’ll it.

But the minute I thought everyone of the fans or my support, and also because not seen at that time, you feel one person own Umate, enormous fun’m at. We are doing to freedom.

Q: 你覺 obtained how enforcement set sum 獨奏. Yes 沒有 你認 Tamenin NaniAkira Author specific 區別?

A: ZaiDan 體表 Starring Yu 很多 members. Landlord Metropolitan 會幫 Atae-kyo assistant water chestnut KazuYu collaborative virtual method. We 會不 斷的 Ko勵 self: “The main 會盡 our best, unnecessary 辜負 landlord”. 其實, Warenami Flew Togizai 說話 stage, usually AtaeAmane 圍的 Yahoo members, other 們將 幫助 we pass 它. We very grateful 這些. Wareshin Teki很 thank other 們的 support assembly table 演時.

Itaru 於個 who Solo, we usually Concert sued self: “. We certain essential 拉通 這件 thing Waretokuken-kyo, Intame 沒有 one feeding me Yo靠, Waretadano靠 self-completion.”

We 認為 這真 basis 很有 flavor, Intameware Allowed 以得 arrival ownership ownership attention force. 每個 people Metropolitan 將集 during their our social position!

Q: What career would you be if you’re not a seiyuu and / or singer?

A:… If I was not a seiyuu, then I would not have been a singer Also not a dancer, and a musical actress Maybe I would become an English teacher I actually majored in English when I was in (Komazawa) university. With that in mind, I would have continued with my studies and someday be an English teacher. (Laugh)

Q: You’re not even a voice actor and singer and out, I think what carrier you?

A: Hmm. . Its really at all. . There is no singer and out, there is no voice actor and out, there is no dancer and out, there is no musical actress and out, it chose, but me, that. . In want to become an English teacher. It therefore has been certified for the English when the university. Somehow, as it is continued with the study, and I was rope in teacher someday school, I had a good Na Tsute 思Tsu.

Q: 你會 Shi standing 怎樣 profession, 如果 您没 YuNaru 为聲 YuKazu / singer some specific stories?

A: 如果 not Shi 聲優 specific story, 也不 possible 當上 singer, 也不 possible 當上 Mai’s chord Musical 演員. We 應該 會是 one people English Roshi. 其實, we specifically 專業 Shi English, 當我 Jae (Komazawa) DaiManabu. Consideration Ita這 Ichi點, we 會繼 續我 basis Manabu-gyo, parallel Yuichi product of nature for one person English teacher.

Q: Could you please tell us some information about your upcoming Happi Happi Kurimasu (Happy Happy Christmas) song?

A:…. Yes yes It’s my first Christmas song I got to sing I’m really excited about this single I wish that if my fans could actually link it with Christmas Whenever it’s Christmas, it’s going to be Mimori Suzuko’s Happi Happi Kurimasu . (Laugh)

I feel that this song could be a representative of Christmas in my fans’ hearts and it would really meant something really great! I placed this feeling into when making of the single.

I feel that the song would really fit in with the whole Christmas atmosphere, and hope that not just in Japan but also in Singapore, my fans here can give me a support too!

Q: Please tell me your new single of “Happy Happy Christmas” the details.

A: Because it is the first time of the Christmas song. And to have very own exciting, that. . Everyone also to be the songs like get to with the first name would be Christmas phosphorus Happy Happy only to reluctantly Christmas. A. . Because it is the song that you get with all your questions feelings. that. . What wonder also really. Because really it not out of the Christmas two pen Tari such pass is certainly tough Kusan but everyone also clauses Singapore not just Japan that want to hear everyone.

Q: 請 complaint we 們更 multi 關於 您的 new O’brien, “Happy Happy Christmas”.

A: 這是 We specifically first piece St. 誕節 specific song. Wareshin basis 很 excitement. 這單, Wareso, 如果 we specifically powder 迷可 以把 St. 誕鏈 contact. 每當 ZeKiyoshi 誕節, 這將 KaiNaru Tamezo forest Suzuko basis Happy Happy Christmas. (LOL)

We hope we specifically powder 迷在 St. 誕節 Allowed 以把 這首 song representative Jae other 们的 on the heart. We 觉得 这种 genuine meaning true basis Council 很棒! During production, we bunch 這種 KanSatoru 带到 这个 單曲. WareSatorutoku 這首 song true adaptation gave Seiko St. 誕氣 氛, par hope not 僅在 Japan, 而且 standing new addition 坡, we specifically powder 迷可 以在 這裡 feed our specific support 吧!

happi happi kurimasu 01

Q:? Do you have any Christmas wishes for your fans and to yourself [J-Exp]

A:. Not really Christmas wishes but nearing to Christmas In 30th of December, Muse would get to perform for the first time in this big show called “(The 66th) Kouhaku Uta Gassen”, a new year show in Japan.

I hope that it would be a successful performance. And apart from Muse, I also hope that my solo career would flourish and one day be on Kouhaku as well. And hope Santa san will be taking care next year as well. (Laugh)

Q: You’re for Christmas is your fans, do you have any desire to yourself?

A: This year’s Christmas. . Yup. . What is it? . . I want to see Muse is in the festival for the last day of a month to date December 31. Mr. Japan’s traditional, that. . Because it was the month that appeared in the set of classic, and there really shaken its success name is that. . I think Muse is popular only without removal of Te and his his solo, with that win. Thank you to Santa as hold on to have to have next year.

Q: 您有 Inmo Kiyoshi誕 desire essential WARNING 诉您 specific powder 迷和 self 呢?

A: 沒有 什么 Kiyoshi誕 desire, however approaching St. 誕節 o’clock. Jae December 30, Muse Masashi won standing 這個 large milestone “(No. 66 屆) red and white poetry contest war”, standing New Year exhibition currently Japan progressive first order.

We hope 這將 Shi one successful representation. 而除 Ryo Muse, Ware也 hope we individualism business 也蓬 勃發 Exhibition, good for Yuichi heaven 會在 red and white. Average hope 圣诞 old man 將於 next year Tel 顧為 good.


Q: Who is your favourite artist that you look up to and would like to collaborate together in the future?

A: Ever since I was young, I looked up to the lead singer, Yuki, in ‘Judy and Mary’ They sang ‘Sobakasu’ for the TV anime:. Rurouni Kenshin.

To me, I feel that Yuki san is really very cute and irreplaceable “God (Kami)”. I really really look up to Yuki san. I feel that if I could become someone like her, it would be really great! (Laugh)

As for the collaboration, since Yuki san is someone to me that “can not be touched”. I would like to try something which is out of the norm, and is not your usual seen collaboration up till now. I would like to do a collaboration with famous orchestra out there, or maybe even something like an opera? It would be really delightful !! (Laugh)

Q: Kimi to look up, who is you think your favorite artists want to cooperate in the future together?

A: I like from the time when most are small, like snow’s Judy and Marie is really, I very cute! that. . Also result forty years old, it is woo four Te love. But it reflected in the very cute family. What is it. . I No presence is one-of-a-kind is not in addition to the Everyone the one and also refers Na Tsute Once accustomed such myself. I am much thought. What wonder. . Collaboration, or what wonder. . Eneee. . Since the snow’s God, it can not be a collaboration. But. . What wonder. . Who Taro. . And if you want to collaborate. . What ‘No. . Unn. . that’s right. . In addition to softening, Toka combination collaboration, we want to see in it, softened. . What wonder. . Ah! Toka orchestra. Something. . Toka meaning that my songs quite certain of the orchestra of sound was in full background, and those who are opponent, something that. . Something amazing! Big world-famous Okesu – Do not do I sing Doo together Tsute, I think. To want to see opera!

Q: Who Shi 你仰 NozomiKazu most Hee Love the Arts house? Kazusozai Mirai Kazu谁 Kazuki cooperation?

A: self 從我 small Jiko Wareki 欢这 one pcs advocates, snow, standing “ShuSusumuKazu 瑪麗”. Other 們唱 al “freckles” specific electric Mido畫: Rurouni Kenshin. 對我 來說, WareSatoru Tokuyuki’s true manner Shi 很可 Love, Shi not we Kawa-dai manner “Adonai (God)”. Wareshin manner true basis reverence Yuki. WareSatorutoku, 如果 we Yoshinari Tamezo 她這 Different Live, 這將 Come atmospheric bar basis! (LOL)

Itaru 於合 work, Intameyuki Mr. Shi 對于 us: “inability 碰”. Wareso 嘗試 one 些新 east and west, ultra DeRyo norms, 而不 Shi 你们 currently normal Miita specific cooperation. Wareso 這樣 做與 renown 樂團 cooperation intention, a person 甚至 Yes 點像 opera? 這將 Ze-kai very amusing manner!


Interview was conducted through an AFA interpreter and has been edited for clarity. Photography taken by J-Experience.


Mimorin considered Singapore as her second home:> second hometown, Singapore

Mimorin likes the summer climate, and is one of the best place in her opinion. Climate also my love summer! This is the best place

Mimorin said:! “Ok la” during the concert Tsu I remember English (Singlish) Mocho~tsuTozutsu of Singapore flow ♪ “Okera”

Before her concert, she ate some Thai food for lunch. Came to Singapore craving for Thai food while it has no connection with it being to Singapore (Laughing).


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