[Interview] Pile: “My secret is…” [Pile Pinky Parade in Taiwan][Taipei Hana stage]

Pile’s first personal live tour – Pinky Parade – was recently held in Japan. Her tour covered the four metropolitan regions of Japan – the start being Fukuoka, followed by Osaka, Nagoya and lastly, Tokyo. Always the crowd-pleaser, Pile, who only had 6 performances for Pinky Parade, had an additional 2 more performances in Tokyo due to popular demand! The fans definitely responded well to her first live!


On 6th of November, Pile released her 3rd single, DREAM TRIGGER. To commemorate her latest single, Taiwan and Japan collaborated together for her live tour – with Taipei being the final performance for her tour. Furthermore, there was also a fan meeting, which allowed fans to interact with Pile.

Q: You have been to Taiwan a few times, and also had many fan meet. Compared to Japan, is there any difference?

When I first came to Taiwan, I already had events in Japan. Even though I came from a different country, I had fans waiting for me at the airport. I could really feel their long-awaited feelings! Hmm… how should I put it? Everyone really gave me lots of love. After several events, my Taiwanese fans would participate in my events in Japan and likewise, my Japanese fans would do the same. My fans are all quite amiable, both have a good relationship with one another, hence, I don’t feel there is any difference.

Q: Even though some of your fans don’t know how to speak Japanese, but after listening to your songs, they have the motivation to learn Japanese and they are trying their best to communicate with the Japanese fans. Did you feel their effort?

It’s really gratifying to see my fans trying their best and have mutual relationships with one another.

Q: Do you have any particularly favourite style of music or musician?

In terms of genres, I don’t really have any particular restrictions. There’s no limit to the kind of music I like. As for what kind of music I like, it’s quite extensive.

Q: In 2015, you have launched numerous of masterpieces, and starred in NHK music program. Furthermore, Muse (μ’s) will be appearing at NHK Kouhaku Uta Katsusen. Fans are highly anticipating it as Taiwan will be having the broadcast. So what does 2015 mean to you?

2015 has been a really fruitful year, as I had the chance to do many group activities with Muse as well as having the chance for a solo debut this year! Unlike the previous year, I performed and participated in quite a number of concerts and events this year – both overseas and all over Japan.

Furthermore, since NHK can be broadcasted overseas, being able to appear several times makes me really happy! It’s really wonderful as all of my fans are able to watch the program at the same time. In addition, I also starred in other television programs. So this year, I have definitely expanded in all fields.

Q: As both a singer and voice actress, how do you maintain the best condition for your throat?

My secret is loquat paste! I don’t have any special maintenance though, maybe its natural beauty. (Laughs) Moving back to loquat paste, Taiwan’s one is really famous and effective! Every time I come to Taiwan, I would definitely bring some back to share with my friends.

Next, there’s also this. (A can from her bag – the writer apologises for not being able to show what it is) Last night, my throat felt a little uncomfortable, so I hurriedly bought this spray. It’s really handy and effective! It had this soothing effect on my throat.

(Pile caught everyone by surprise when she took out the throat spray, because we have never seen this product before. Everyone was keen in the product after she said it was effective. But President was saying with an angry and funny tone that Pile dared to casually try stuff that she doesn’t know)

Q: As you have mentioned about this year’s expansion in all the fields, be it as a singer and voice actress, what do you want to challenge yourself in the future?

Something to challenge myself? Um, regarding about challenging myself… it should trying to overcome my stage fright for my individual appearance on television and music programs. I’m not really nervous when I’m with a group, but when I perform alone, I become super nervous! Furthermore, voice acting isn’t really my main job, so if I was given the opportunity to voice the anime that I sang, it would be great!

Q: Have you ever thought of expressing your songs in several languages?

Using several languages? If I could do it finely, I would hope to do it! However, from a professional’s perspective, I think it’s kind of frightening. As for English, I was praised for my good pronunciation. In fact, I have sung Chinese songs before, but it was really difficult!

Q: In November, you released your 3rd single. Did you encounter any difficulty during the production?

I didn’t encounter any difficulties – it was really fast! (Laughs) However, when I was recording the PV, it took 15 consecutive hours!


Q: Is there any problem with the recording of the PV?

For this single, it’s my first attempt doing it alone. Compared to my previous works, I was not that nervous as I was accompanied by the other members. Furthermore, this time, it was for my single, so I was especially nervous. This single has a slightly different style as compared to my first two singles. Fortunately, everyone was satisfied with the final result! I also had a lot of fun doing the dance!


[Song List]




Black Butterfly






Sweet My Song







Edited by: 「Amusu」& ピアスさん

Photograph © WELCOME MUSIC

Interview © My-Cartoon

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