【Love Live! Birthday Celebration 小泉花陽生誕祭2016】Summary of Hanayo Koizumi

Let’s us celebrate the Rice Goddess, Koizumi Hanayo, birthday while looking back on each episode in the TV Anime Season 1 and Season 2. Let’s get started with the part 1 (season 1).

1st of January is Hanayo’s birthday~

By Yurika Kubo (Hanayo’s Seiyuu)

[Cosplay] CN: 

[Cosplay] CN: そら豆@30日闘会議‏@Smame___





[Various shop celebration] @なごら@名古屋ラブライバー‏

[Various shop celebration] @ビックカメラ 名古屋駅西店‏

[Season 1 Episode 1]


The one who wakes up trying to be an idol, the one who is envious, the one who is an indifferent person, and the one who has continued to be driven by the longing feeling to be an idol. The innocent feeling, precisely, is one of the great appeal that will not change.


[1期1集] 对偶像醒的者, 妒忌的者, 不感兴趣的者, 还有偶像的”憧憬”从开始起继续倒入了一种方法。是一个纯真的想法变化成大的魅力。


[Season 1 Episode 2]


“Please try your best…Idol…”. The first person to acknowledge them as an idol. Honoka’s idol likeness expression (below). To all μ’s fans, back then she’s the first fan of μ’s.


[1期2集] “請努力”…偶像…。初次作為偶像號召的聲音。偶像的特點住宿於了穂乃果的表情。你是所有μ’s粉絲的第1個粉絲。


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