【Love Live! Birthday Celebration 小泉花陽生誕祭2016】Summary of Hanayo Koizumi

[Season 1 Episode 3]


In a sea of despair due to empty audience, μ’s future was diminishing. She was the person that saved it, an unknowingness angel that resulted in the first step of the girls “School Idol”. It was a sincere, simple and honest feeling.

【1期3話】 無人の客席という絶望の海に、μ’sの未来が沈みかけたとき。それを救ったのは、彼女たちに「スクールアイドル」の第一歩をもたらしたのは、無自覚な天使の、誠実で純朴な想いでした。

[1期3集] μ’s在無人的觀眾席這個絕望的海開始落下去了的時候。那個第一步救了她們也帶來了”學校偶像”,是一个不自覺的天使的誠心作為純樸的想法。


[Season 1 Episode 4]


Rin and Maki were invited to the μ’s by the second year, were also partially by Kayo-chin. You would think of her as someone who pushes, “Idol invites to dream”.


[1期4集] 凛和真姫,被穂乃果們被邀請到μ,而一部分是被花陽。我想,誰回想考虑,她是一个“偶像邀請的夢想”的人。


[Season 1 Episode 5]


In the story of Idol, Hanayo broke the barriers and brought out the withdrawn Nico. Having the same resonate of “love”, they strengthened their bonds in learning and continuing to grow as idols.


[1期5集] 说起偶像的事,把关闭にこ之间侵蚀了。有相同“愛”的共鳴, 一起努力学,不斷成長。


[Season 1 Episode 6]


Hanayo and friends were sparkling in the sunlight, and was first time starred as an idol. The innocent expression was undeniably an idol.


[1期6集] 曾作為在教室的角落垂下頭的陰性植物的花。你和朋友在屋頂被陽的照射下,那付純真的表情的確是個偶像。


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