【Love Live! Birthday Celebration 小泉花陽生誕祭2016】Summary of Hanayo Koizumi

[Season 1 Episode 7]


Soon, Hanayo really shown us a lot of facial expressions and behaviours even before in front of the seniors. And can affirm without hesitation that’s the favourite.

【1期7話】 やがてあなたは、先輩の前だって、本当にたくさんの表情や振る舞いを見せてくれるようになりました。どんなときだって迷うことなく断言できます。「こっちのかよちんも好きにゃー!」と。

[第1集7期] 最終,你即使在學長的面前,也的確給我们很多不同的表情和行為。可以肯定毫不猶豫地甚至任何時間。“在這裡,最喜歡花陽了喵”。


[Season 1 Episode 8]


Took the harsh words of being called the “amateur”, thus trying to improve. The pursuit of “an excitement” in the next stage, and growing up with μ’s. To be honest, it’s “a little scary” but the strength of no hesitation was felt behind the smile.


[1期8集] 接受叫”外行”的嚴格的語言, 並且, 追求到”感動”的下一個階段, 和μ’s一起成長了。感覺到正直”令人有點害怕”了的對方也不畏懼的強度在了笑臉的內部。


[Season 1 Episode 9]


The scene of the goods were sighted. Hanayo shed happy tears rather than feeling bashful, and the honest dream to be an idol. I want to support more after getting a glimpse of it.


[1期9集] 自己货物的光景。感觉能偷看了憧憬被不怕羞,使高兴地流动了的你作为偶像注目的积极,直率的一面,变得想更支援了。


[Season 1 Episode 10]


In order to see this kind of smile, I’ve decided to become a rice. But it’s impossible, thus I’ve decided to become a rice cooker. If it’s possible, then today, I would be able to cook the exceptionally delicious rice.


[1期10集] 为看这张笑脸决心变成大米吧了。因为不过那个是不可能的勉强所以决心变成电饭煲吧了。那个完成了。今天就可以煮味道很好的大米。


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