【Love Live! Birthday Celebration 小泉花陽生誕祭2016】Summary of Hanayo Koizumi

[Season 1 Episode 11]


This day was undeniably the “best live”. The magnificent sky in contrast with the thick dark clouds, seemed to shine even more.


[1期11集] 這一天是不可否認的“最佳情景”。堂堂威严,并且也在故事在天空厚,并且生动地着迷的你的姿态能由于与正笼罩的乌云的对比度更加发出光芒了。


[Season 1 Episode 12]


The collapse of the place where a dream comes true, and the disappearance of the friend where we once walked together. Tears rolling down from the eyes, and pupil reflects the tragic devastation you’ve never experienced before. Watering the soil with your tears, but would eventually allowing food to be grown.


[1期12集] 梦实现的地方的崩溃, 一起走的同胞消失了。投影出了没经历过的惨状的瞳孔上流出了的悲剧的泪把土弄湿,在μ’s,对中的成了食品種植之一。


[Season 1 Episode 13]


You were the only “fan” that was invited by Honoka, and had become an “idol” to stand in the stage together with μ’s. Everyday spent with μ’s, have greatly impacted in their youth.


[1期13集] 正对下次在自己的实况引来唯一的,這是一個“粉絲”,穂乃果站在那個時候的階段,已成為“偶像”現在你邀請到自己的活。每天跟μ’s渡过的日子也渐渐改变了青春。


By: momorin & 「Amusu」

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