44 Realistic Eye Candy Love Live! Cosplay that will give you diabetes [ラブライブ]

It must be tough trying to portrait your favourite characters from one of the most popular anime, Love Live!, in the recent memory. Cosplayers are just as passionate or even more than just fans, studying beyond their characters to emulate more accurate and putting in efforts in creating their perfect outfits. Sometimes appearing at anime conventions with their favourite cosplay, and going home with a “burnt” wallet just like any other anime fans.

Some cosplay enthusiasts transcended cosplaying to the next level with their breath-taking skills, and managed to pull off chord-striking portrayal representation of their characters. Simply winning the hearts of the fans with their realistic Love Live! Cosplay.

CN: 粽子 (チマキ)


CN: ミケ@CH16&C89_3日目L01b


CN: 先生。Twitterで隠居中


CN: Luffy Cosplayer