What Options Are Available After An Unsuccessful ラブライブ!μ’s 6th Live Final Love Live! Concert Ballot?

ラブライブ!μ’s Final Love Live! 6th Live BD balloting results were depressing than we would have expected.

Bet you guys are dying to know the answers to these various questions: What to do after failing the ballot? ; What were the chances of getting a ticket? ; What should I do if I really want to attend the concert?

And I’ve shortlisted down to FOUR (4) Options.

There’s hope…Maybe

Do you want to know about the current statistics (Unofficial)?

An estimated of 35,000 – 40,000 seats were being allocated for this BD balloting. And you’re entitled to ballot for 2 entry tickets per BD ticket.

Thus, the successful applicants would be down to 17,500 – 20,000 only.

In addition, an estimated of 210,000 Love Live! Movie BD were sold, and further lowering the chance of successful applicants to a mere 10% or lower.


Guess you guys would have heard of the most depressed guy「The 100 ballot tickets Love Liver」in my previous article: [ラブライブ] LOVE LIVERS REACTION TO FINAL LOVE LIVE CONCERT BALLOT RESULTS

100 balloting tickets but didn’t even win a SINGLE DAY… That’s really a pain incarnate, I can even sense his pain OTL.


[Based on Tomohiro and my statistics]

In Japan, 158 applicants with a total 762 BD tickets but only a handful of 27 applicants won the concert tickets.

And out of Japan (Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia), I can count the successful applicants with just both of my hands.

[Statistics based on Tsuna from LoveLive! (Fans Taiwan) page]

400 BD ballot applicants (Majority from Hong Kong & Taiwan) took the poll. Only 51 out of 400 won the balloting. With an unknown of the BD tickets used, but majority (339 applicants) used below 5 tickets each.



=> I would like to emphasize that the officials might be implementing identification for this Final Love Live! Recently, it has already been implemented on UtaPri 5th live at Saitama Super Arena (SSA), Japan.

What options do you left after failing the Final Love Live! Blu-ray Disc (BD) concert ballot?


  1. Official Website Preceding Ballot 「先行抽選」


For ラブライブ!μ’s Final Love Live! 6th Live BD ballot, you were only entitled to ONE round of BD balloting.

Unlike the μ’s Go→Go! LoveLive! 2015 ~Dream Sensation! 5th Live, the unsuccessful applications were given the second chance to ballot at the unsuccessful bracket.

The Preceding Ballot will be starting on January 23 to January 31 at the Love Live! Official Website Preceding Ballot.

Anyone with an eplus account can participate in this ballot. However based on past experiences, there were LESSER SEATS being allocated for the Preceding Balloting as compared to the BD balloting, and more applicants (The ONLY limitation is an eplus account). The chances of being selected will be slimmer, and thus don’t expect too much from this balloting by getting your hopes high up.

  1. General Ticket

The General Ticketing would typically be right after the Preceding Balloting. Under normal circumstances for “First come, first served” basis, the General Tickets would probably be totally SOLD OUT in matter of seconds! The difficulty is even higher than before…

  1. Yahoo Japan Auction / Auction related sites


700,000 Yen for A TICKET

Be prepared to buy the tickets at an exorbitant price on YJA (If you have limitless budget then money would solve your problem).

Currently, the lowest priced ticket was sold at an estimated of 100,000 yen. With over 300 tickets being sold on YJA, and the highest deal was at 700,000 yen!!!

The officials strictly emphasized and prohibited the resale of the concert tickets, thus getting the tickets through auction would be risky unless the sellers are willing to provide identification.


Furthermore, currently this is a blind seating ticketing (basically, you are auctioning for an unconfirmed seating) thus the auction for the seating price may vary. For blind seating, there might be some seat swapping by the fraud sellers, where lousier seat will be given to you.

Based on past experiences, it is always recommended to buy seating confirmation tickets, so as to prevent any blatantly cheating.

Option 1 to 3 are your only methods if you really want to see it LIVE at Tokyo Dome, Japan.

  1. Live Viewing in your country’s theater

Well, this might by your only feasible option if you’re not living in Japan or do not have any connection (Unless you can afford the 100,000 – 700,000 yen for 1 day ticket). Moreover, Tomohiro (ともひろ) has calculated that getting the tickets through auction via proxy, your tickets might not be able to arrive on time (Outside of Japan) if you don’t have any friends in Japan to collect in behalf of you.

Good luck and all the best~


6 thoughts on “What Options Are Available After An Unsuccessful ラブライブ!μ’s 6th Live Final Love Live! Concert Ballot?”

  1. Hi! Hey I live in Jp and didn’t get in through the BD raffle, I also just entered the normal raffle too. I was wondering if you knew the method that the general tickets will be sold as. If it’ll be through stores or only online! It the first time in buying a ticket so I’m not sure how to proceed, thanks!


    1. Still waiting for more news. Usually you can collect/buy your tickets at famimart.
      However, it would be a first come, first serve basis. Most likely you’ll have to queue overnight for it.
      If it’s online, means fastest speed & internet wins.


      1. Thanks a lot for the reply!
        Yeah I heard they might be available at the conbini and I have no problem queuing overnight, if they do sell them online I do have really fast fiber optic connection (but so does the rest of Japan, so it might be a bit tough)….
        Anyway thanks and I’ll be checking the site as often as possible to see if they offer more details!


  2. It seems so hard to get the concert ticket at Japan for foreigner.
    Do you know how to get the concert ticket for Idolmaster and Animelo Summer Live?
    Does it so hard to get like Lovelive too?

    Thanks 🙂


  3. They’re equally hard, unless it a small scale event.
    You can buy the tickets directly on the day itself (for smaller & less known events)


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