Yoshino Nanjou has recovered from knee injury – Will soon attend the Rehearsal for Love Live Final Live 【朗報】声優の南條愛乃

Yoshino Nanjo (Known as Nanjolno) is returning to full fitness after a year hiatus from Love Live! μ’s (Muse) due to her internal derangement of her knee.


Yoshino Nanjo announced this piece of good news from her 12th personal radio Nicovideo broadcast, “Ms Nanjo Do Radio”「真・ジョルメディア 南條さん、ラジオする!」(12回).


During the past one year, Nanjolno has been adjusting herself in the rehabilitation training in order to attend Muse’s last live on March 31 to April 1 in Tokyo Dome, Japan.

Previously written on her blog, “Regardless of what it takes, I will still be attending 6th Live”「何がなんでも6thライブに行きます!」and “9 Muse members will take the stage together”「μ’s9人でステージに立ちたい!」. http://pilefectionmedia.com/2015/12/07/final-lovelive-yoshino-nanjo-love-live-amusu-translation/


Nanjolno previous broke down during her fripSide’s Live. http://pilefectionmedia.com/2016/01/05/yoshino-nanjou-breaks-down-in-tears-during-fripside-live/ (*It’s not known why Nanjolno broke down, but my heart was saddened by this)

The storm is finally over for Nanjolno!!!!  Remaining 53 days to 6th Love Live! Final Live.

*Nanjolno knee injury started on last year February, during Muse’s Love Live! 5th Live.

Love Live Artists draw about Yoshino Nanjou’s knee injury and Love Live Muse [ラブライブ! 南條 愛乃] http://pilefectionmedia.com/2016/01/12/love-live-artists-draw-about-yoshino-nanjou-knee-injury-love-live-muse/

Edited: *Nanjolno’s able to participate in the Muse’s Love Live! 6th Final Live’s training. Currently, she doesn’t experience any pain on her knee. However, I do know that it would be an instant miracle to cure the internal derangement of her knee within this (short?) period of time. Hope her condition won’t aggravate anymore, and she doesn’t force herself too much during the training.

*Due to the type of illness Nanjolno’s suffering, it would be rather difficult for Nanjolno to recover totally from it. But at least, Nanjolno’s feeling better right now as compared to previously.
Right now, I’m very sure that Nanjolno is happy about her reunion with Muse. Able to train, sweat, and smile together with one another.
Let’s support Nanjolno and Muse in what they want to do! All the best for Nanjolno!


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