Love Live! Wins Animation Album of the Year and Special Award for the Japan Gold Disc Award 2016

The 30th Japan Gold Disc Awards, which is one of the prestigious and most extravagant Japan Music awards ceremony of the year organized by the Recording Industry Association of Japan. The news was announced on February 26.

μ’s took home two awards, the Animation Album of the Year and Special Award.

Emi Nitta represented on behalf of μ’s for the speeches:

“It’s a great honour to receive such a wonderful award, and would like to thanks the staff & fans for your continuous support. We felt that this award was received with our fans. And this work called “Love Live!” will be continuing in spreading the appeal of Japanese anime and songs throughout the vast world.”

“We’re very honoured to receive this Special Award for the 30th Japan GD. It’s really gratified the fact that a lot of people love our music, considering from the beginning of the activities till now, this nostalgic feeling is somehow really incredible. This has become an irreplaceable treasure to the cast and the staff involved in this work. And I would like to share this joy with our understanding and supportive fans.”

And Aya Uchida’s 2015 New Year wish was fulfilled when Love Live! Best Album II took the first place on Oricon Weekly (in June 2015), and eventually the Gold Disc award for the Animation Album of the Year (2016).



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