Pile reveals song meaning — “P.S. Arigatou…” (And yes, it’s related to Love Live! Maki Nishikino)

The subtle meaning behind one of the song from Pile’s latest 2nd album, “Pile”. The Officials revealed the PDF version of the album booklet due to printing error, and the lyrics were made known. And the hidden words were in bold for easier identification of the meaning behind the song called “P.S. Arigatou…” (P.S.ありがとう…)


The bolded words were pieced together, and eventually formed the following sentences:


Translation: “Maki-chan, finally I’m able to say this…… I’m really grateful to you all the while. Thanks to you I’m able to make it here today. Please always be my guardian angel. P.S really very thankful”


-Much feels~ And soon more feels will be coming from the Love Live! Final 6th Live
Previously, the letters from Seiyuu to Muse were really touching.

You might want to read from:


Original: https://www.facebook.com/Pile.Asia/photos/a.332175696967168.1073741827.331960096988728/494758494042220/?type=3&theater


因為實物的Album booklet有印錯歌詞的問題,官方把P.S.ありがとう…的正確歌詞的pdf版本上載了在歌詞中有一些粗體了的字,合起來是「まきちゃん、やっと言えるよ……いままで本当にありがとう。キミがいたからこそやって…

Posted by Pile on Sunday, March 13, 2016

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