[Official statement from Pilefection] Pilefection versus Tumblr blog

The official statement regarding about this incident reporting. Well, Pilefection was flamed for not crediting this particular scanlator – Weareschoolidols

Just for clarification, since those tumblr blog started to FABRICATE stories and ACCUSED Pilefection with other FALSE information. There was NO OFFICIAL approach by the other party before the accusation post.



1a: We CREDITED scanlator but with the exception of 1 in out of the 2 in one of Pilefection’s blog post. (We credited エオス@南條さんマジ尊’s pixiv for the ENGLISH scans) [Will be explaining this further]

1b: We DO respect others for their works, and have been on task with the crediting if any works are taken.

1c: WE DON’T take other people’s works and CLAIM as ours.

1d: In fact, there is rightful ownership claim as stated in the Pilefection blog’s ABOUT page.

2: We DID NOT make this statement (as quoted directly): “According to Pilefection and other sites who steal without credit, IT JUST MAGICALLY HAPPENED”. (So, please don’t fabricate stories by adding words and as if it’s MADE by Pilefection)

In regards to point 1a: We received this particular PM on the FB post (An astounding rude pm, We’ll be assuming it’s from the editor from this particular tumblr)

Quoted from the screenshot 1ai: “GOOGLE IMAGE SEARCH IT”


[SS Evidence] We TRIED reverse image, but unfortunately, it was not under the Google image search.

[Google image search links under the comments on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AmusuFAM/posts/840579529401340]

In references your blog: “WE credited only the Original” (Duh, obviously we know how to use Google image, that’s why エオス@南條さんマジ尊 was credited)

[FACT] 1aii: “Legitimate blog”. Pilefection is just merely a FANBLOG, and it’s nowhere near official.

[FACT] In regards to the second accusation post, WE DON’T have any sponsorship. This is a HOBBYIST blog; neither do we have any monetary gain nor incentives through administrating.

And where do you get the information from? Or you’re just basically fabricating stuffs up and spreading false lies to garner attention?

Furthermore, please provide related evidences in regards of those “fabricated” pack of lies made from your Tumblr that was NOT MADE from Pilefection.

Perhaps it simply just pretentious and hypocrite of you guys by spreading lies and fabricate false information to the public.

Just like you guys have argued, it CAN be found in your blog’s archive. However, if the image is not found in the Google image search, WE can’t find the source and What else can Pilefection do?

It’s Pilefection’s fault for not citing the owner due to “incompetence in site check”, and just for this, WE cannot deny, and we’re sorry for this particular point only.

Moreover, if you guys have tried to correct us regarding about not citing the rightful owner, Pilefection would be happy to assist and comply by all means. (Not just spreading lies around to tarnish Pilefection’s reputation)

**Furthermore, the claim was in the Pilefection’s site and you guys could have also read the T&Cs up in the “About Pilefection” section. 

Sadly to say, you guys fabricated stuffs by adding your own lies into your tumblr blog to spice the stories up. Why the personal attacks with false facts by captioning PILEFECTION only, since “other sites have stolen as well”?

Without doubt, this particular tumblr ARE NOT EVEN CREDIBLE.

We’ve issued an official stern warning on 15th of March 2016 to both your Facebook personal account and Tumblr post.


I’ll be assuming you’re the editor for emitsunosaurus-rex.tumblr.com
Only today I’ve been notified regarding about the issue.
Originally, we’d like to settle this amicably if we’ve been officially approached. Regarding about the search engine, I’ll explain below:
As stated on the “about me” on Pilefectionmedia.com: “Due to the fact that there are limitations to Google engine regarding about the proper citation of pictures/news & with the original link(s).
Please do a rightful owner claim via pm on fb by providing information regarding about your works.”
We’re just simply hobbyists; neither do we have any monetary gain nor incentives through administrating. Maybe just does your team.
100% audited for facts & accuracy on our articles (and if it’s false, please do a proper CONSTRUCTIVE correction)
Nobody likes to read/reply to a rude pm.]
We’ve been on task with crediting the rightful ownership. However, due to the limitations that sometimes we’re unable to track the “correct owner” via reverse imaging search.
You guys claimed that you’re the rightful owner but based on your suggestions for using google image search, it gave me otherwise.
Furthermore, you pointed out that there are “flaws” with the articles. Do provide us the specifications. Thanks.
Your team have been warned. Your team have exactly TWENTY-FOUR hours to take down the post and if your team is unable to provide substantial evidence to the accusation of us providing false information/CAN’T EVEN FACT CHECK TO SAVE THEIR SITE, and the cited part where “According to Pilefection…”. In addition, an apology post regarding about us OFFICIALLY replied to: “IT JUST MAGICALLY HAPPENED.” otherwise, action will be taken.
“Give respect where respect is due”, and we do apologise for the insensitivity regarding about improper citation. IF your team is able to provide the related claims on the scanlation, we’re more than happy to help.
-Chief of editor

In regards to your second blog post about Pilefection, we’ll be taking down your scanlation in Pilefection’s post with immediate effect on 10pm (GMT+9)

And Pilefection is expecting the Tumblr blogs to do a retraction and an apology for the fabricated posts by 16th of March 2016

Edited on 20th of March 2016 8:37pm – Finalized-

[Mentioned by a third party:]

Since there is/was a mutual interest in rectifying the situation between your Tumblr blog versus Pilefection, however we can only further address this issue(s) after 9pm (GMT+9) on 17th of March 2016.

We’re truly sorry and would like to apologize to your scanlator team,Weareschoolidols, for the following(s):

  1. Pilefection unintentionally knowing took one of your blog’s scan, and was posted without any credit back to your official scanlator tumblr.
  2. Pilefection may/might not have done a proper Google image search to reverse imaging the source for 1 out of the 2 affected scanlator on this post: http://pilefectionmedia.com/2016/01/12/love-live-artists-draw-about-yoshino-nanjou-knee-injury-love-live-muse/

*Pilefection had taken down the affected English scanlation with immediate effect on 16th of March 2016 at 10pm (GMT+9) due to the claim on: Link

[Due to the ownership claims by the affected scanlator & for not crediting this scanlator due to reasons. Sorry for any inconveniences caused. *Pilefection had taken down the affected English scanlation with immediate effect on 16th of March 2016 at 10pm (GMT+9)]


Pilefection will be holding firmly to the statements on: www.facebook.com/AmusuFAM/posts/840579529401340 unless otherwise being officially clarified by the affected scanlator Tumblr blog.


*For CLARITY, Note for point no.2: There were 2 original comics + 2 English scans on the post. Pilefection credited the 2 original artists, and 1 of the scanlator (since 1 of the original and this English scanlator is the same person, エオス@南條さんマジ尊敬). And the original for works of the affected scanlator is: Twitter @Ashi81923.


*And changes made from this rectifying of the situation will be edited into: http://pilefectionmedia.com/2016/03/16/official-statement-from-pilefection-pilefection-versus-tumblr-blog/ & will be linked up to the Official facebook page @ www.facebook.com/AmusuFAM


Further information: https://www.facebook.com/AmusuFAM/posts/840579529401340


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