Thoughts about Love Live! School Idol Project – Muse [ラブライブ!感想]

Love Live! Marked its end on April fools’ Day 2016. It has been 6 years since Love Live started. From a stronghold of 100* Love Liver to a full fledged sold-out concert of 54,000* impeccable Love Liver. (*Rounded value)


In 2013, I myself became a Love Liver. 4 years can be considered as either short or long for some people, however, those 4 years will definitely be one of my best memories. Initially, I wanted to post Feels trip after Season 2 (2014), but was delayed till now.

[In Dec 2014, there were discussions with Love Liver (May/Might not be fully 100% accurate. Sorry for not following up some of the information after 2014). Thanks for the discussion!]

6 years ago, Love Live! Muse sold only 434 of their very first single (Emitsun’s family bought 10, and Soramaru bought quite a few).

And now, Muse topped the Oricon ranking chart single by single, and album by album.


Have you ever wondered how their lives were like before their today’s success? How much effort did they put into Love Live? How much endurance did they have to pull through for Love Live?


The lyrics for START:DASH & 僕たちはひとつの光 (Bokutachi wa Hitotsu no Hikari) best implied their stories (before & after)


(Hopefully, you guys will be able to read through this long winded post…ok shortened by a lot)


My Megami (Pile) posted about her thoughts after TGS. She’s actually popular during that time, but I was rather curious about some of the subtly negative feelings on her blog post.


[Main Points]

  • The purpose of using “Pile” as the debut name (when she were 14) was with the meaning of “As if being wrapped in warmth, and the artist that will be loved by everyone”


  • The original plan was to debut in both Japan & China (The debut in China eventually failed)

“初めは中国と日本同時デビューという企画でしたが、私が未熟であったのと子どもだったのと、いわゆる”アーティスト”ぽさが無かったのでそれは無くなり、可愛らしくてポップな曲”Your is All…”でデビュー。”

[“In fact, I have sung Chinese songs before, but it was really difficult!” Link:]

  • If she didn’t make it through the audition, she might have already retired. (Source: リスアニ!) “ラブライブ!のオーディションがありました。リスアニでも語っていましたが、これに落ちたら仕事を辞めるつもりでいました。”


[Apologies for the rush, I’m getting rather emotional. Sometimes, my emotion might be mixed. Will be briefing through the information before the Love Live! craze]

Pile’s Blog:


Emitsun’s Blog (新田惠海):





Ucchi’s Blog (內田彩):


Emi Nitta 新田惠海:


Aya Uchida 内田彩:


Suzuko Mimori 三森すずこ:


Yurika Kubo 久保ユリカ:


Riho Iida 飯田里穗:




Sora Tokui 德井青空:


Aina Kusuda 楠田亜衣奈:


Writer’s comment: Actually I’ve finished for the rest of the parts but was later decided not to include it in (Other than Pile :x), personally think that it would be better for Love Liver to search it themselves rather than being spoonfeed with information?

If you’re curious then time for you to start your research :D!

-As if few days ago, was the broadcast of Season 1 & 2.
As if few days ago, I went their events.
As if few days ago, I was queuing for the merchandise.
And now, FL has ended…
Thank you μ’s~

As a Love Liver for 4 years

いつか会える時のために… これからも応援していきます!


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