Asagei Takes Down Defamatory Article Regarding About Emi Nitta starring in Adult Video

S-inc (株式会社S) officially denies rumors of Emi Nitta casting in AV on 5th April 2016.

S-inc has confirmed that the AV cast is not affiliated nor is actual Emitsun herself.

S-inc agency has confirmed that they will be seeking legal advice regarding about this defamation case.

S-inc news information:

Writer’s opinion:

A local Japan weekly magazine published that Emitsun starred in AV before her current professional and has taken down the post after S-inc denied claims of the incident.



Timeline of the accusation:

It was originally rumored on on 4th April 2016.

Asagei published the unconfirmed news and falsely accused Emitsun.

S-inc issued their statements regarding about the false rumors.

[Edited 12.02am April 6, 2016] The strikethrough wording is too accusatory…

Both the 2ch (post owner) and Asagei knowingly and maliciously published a false and vicious libel against Emitsun to tarnish her reputation. [So yea, good luck on that 😀 ]

-> 2ch (post owner) made an accusation thread post and Asagei wrote an article allegedly accusing Emitsun.


Previously, Japanese fans showed their support to Emitsun by captioning #えみつんまけないで and #えみつんは最高のリーダー on their twitter posts. Which translate to “Emitsun does not lose!” & “Emitsun is the best leader”


Special Kudos to the Taiwan & Hong Kong fans for keep haters away from groups! We do not and will not tolerate any false accusations.


Supportive Emitsun fans have made a petition on to support Emitsun.

Do show your support by signing this petition.


Initially, appalled by the blatant accusation against Emitsun and rumors were being spread like wildfire… Caring fans were questioning via PM on Facebook, thus, this post was made for better and clearer clarity


Continuation of my thoughts post:

It was less known to Love Liver that Emitsun was once an active helper in an Elderly home before Love Live! Project. [Based on discussion with Emitsun fans. P.S. I can’t remember the Chinese forum link, so yea, this might be true/ false]

**Do not hesitate to rectify my post via PM on Facebook if there is inaccurate information

7 thoughts on “Asagei Takes Down Defamatory Article Regarding About Emi Nitta starring in Adult Video”

  1. Can areola colors become that much different/clearer overtime?
    Because in the more recent videos (under the Haneda Mirai and Nanase Yui alias) they are very light colored compared to the older controversial video (lets call her X).
    Also other differences I’ve noticed, Haneda/Nanase has much lighter skin color and moles on the sides of her inner thighs, X hasn’t got them and has a spot on her low belly.
    In finding the truth, you have to take these details in consideration.
    I don’t think that X is Haneda/Nanase.


  2. Some people claiming to be her fans.. finally …could not believe her and hurt their idols. they are indignity…I think all idols. should also carefully this fans,they were betray and stupid … I don’t know whether it is ignorance or they are people who intend to do harm contraction her injuries, terrible ..I hope Emi-Nitta will be fine ….and .i believe and confirmed sure ..That is not her…stop the tests by software on incorrectly..please..she is a good angle and help the poor….Emi’s fans should be alert to distinguish the truth & protect her…please….


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