Nanojolno reveals her thoughts on Love Live! Final Live during her 21st Radio Broadcast [南條 愛乃]

It had been a while since we first knew the news on Final Live (It was also mentioned on her blog before). Due to members’ own busy schedules, not all of the members were present for the rehearsal until the last week before the FL. The supervisor even brought Nanjolno’s favorite Kasitila cake during the rehearsal.

Unfortunately, Muse didn’t manage to finish rehearsing the whole portion of their songs despite practising throughout until the final night.


The wardrobe was the first to be prioritised, followed by the Song Set List. The Set List was decided at the very last moment.

There were failures during the rehearsal of transiting between different clothing; Especially the BokuHikari’s uniform, there were many different layers and easily getting confused. (The designer, Kyoko, highlighted on her twitter that the design of the BokuHikari’s uniform was made after consulting every member and every detail was well taken care of)


Originally, there were plans to change the Unit Set List for FL Day 2. However after considering that most of the participants could only make it for a day, thus having the same Set List for both of the days.


It was not that nervous when performing together with μ’s as compared to fripSide & Solo.


During the Angelic Angel, when everyone was using Eli’s colour (Light blue), Nanjolno felt strange (because it was rarely seen) and it’s beautiful. It was touching to see the serenity-blue scenery together with Eli.


I don’t usually do this on LIVE but really determined to show everyone the lovely side of Eli, thus, there were some cute actions and wore cute clothing during the part on 「?←HEARTBEAT」.


To me, Eli is considered a lovable person to everyone. As if a person that’s alive somewhere else on Earth. Hoping to spread this very feeling with Eli on Day 2 and also, these thoughts would not leave any feeling of sorrow behind.


Coincidentally during the Live, Soramaru mentioned that this cherry blossom period depicted exactly the same scenery in Dengeki G’s cherry blossom painted artwork.

Furthermore, Emitsun added on that the total numbers of days for μ’s One Man Live just nice summed up to 9 days.

(Nanjolno was very impressed during their thoughts)


During the 21st Nanjolno radio broadcast, 「愛してるなばんざーい!」Eli version was played as the BGM.



With 中文翻译:

今回「真ジョルメディア 南條さん、ラジオする!」中,愛乃限定一回講述了一些μ’s Final Live的感想呢:- 因為知道Final Live的消息也是很久以前了(Blog也有提及過),16年剛開始便投入了綵排,跟以前的Live一樣成…

Posted by 南條愛乃 Nanjou Yoshino on Wednesday, April 6, 2016


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