Message from Sora Tokui / 徳井青空 to Nico Yazawa [μ’s からμ’s へのありがとう] [電撃G’s magazine][Amusu]


To Niko-chan,

I really,really,really like Niko-chan!
The wonderful feeling when the 9 of us sing together; the same wonderful feeling when we go on stage to perform.
I have learnt many things from Nico-chan.
Thinking back to when we were all on stage, it felt like a fantastic time.
Even though it’s the Final Live,
from now onwards, I will always, always be by Nico-chan side.

The 9 of μ’s will also always be my companions!
Please don’t feel lonely!
From now on, please don’t forget to smile! We will always be together!
Niko, Niko, Ni~
Even after Final Live, you guys must still be friendly with me ah!
My treasure, Nico-chan.

By Sora Tokui

Message from Aina Kusuda / 楠田亜衣奈 to Nozomi Tojo [μ’s からμ’s へのありがとう] [電撃G’s magazine][Amusu]


To Nozomi,
Up till now, I have deeply felt that we have been through it together.
Be it confusion, worries, happiness or sadness.
We have really been through a lot.
All of these experiences, to me, is really really precious.
I cannot imagine what my life would be like if I had not met you, Nozomi.

From our first meeting, it has been roughly six years that we have continued on.
I feel really happy and blessed.
I not only want to convey my feelings of thanks, but I would also like for you to know that you have a special place in my heart.
Thank you, Nozomi.

Message from Yoshino Nanjo / 南條愛乃 to Eri Ayase [μ’s からμ’s へのありがとう] [電撃G’s magazine][Amusu]


Even though it’s unnoticeable on the surface,
the Eli that I have voiced will never disappear,
instead, she will live on forever in my heart.
If one day in the future, I could project Eli’s image and voice to her fans, that would be really special.
Even if that day doesn’t come, it doesn’t matter; I would want to stay by your side.
Because, you have made me understood many things in life.

Message from Muse to Muse [μ’s からμ’s へのありがとう] [電撃G’s magazine][Amusu]

μ’s からμ’s へのありがとう was earlier released by 電撃G’s magazine. Be prepared to be filled with feels by these tear-jerking messages from our beloved Seiyuu to Muse.


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Message from Riho Iida / 飯田里穂 to Rin Hoshizora [μ’s からμ’s へのありがとう] [電撃G’s magazine][Amusu]


Being able to meet Rin-chan was really wonderful!

Because you have shown me all kinds of different sceneries.

I’ve always thought that Rin-chan was the cutest!

That’s why I’ve always been thinking and coming up with ways to convince everyone of your cuteness!(laughs)

I really hoped I was able to help, even a little(*^^*)

Because now’s the time, that’s why I am able to say it out.

Although at the start, I wasn’t sure why I had to specially add Nyaa at the end of each sentence but now, I can’t help but add Nyaa in all my sentences! (Laugh☆)

I really like all of Rin-chan!?

From now onwards, we must always be together!☆

Message from Pile to Maki Nishikino [μ’s からμ’s へのありがとう] [電撃G’s magazine][Pilefection]



Be it in the past, or in the future,

Be it whatever the place, we will always go hand in hand.

All these while, you have brought me all kinds of beautiful things.

I believe we can continue,

Continue to see all kinds of beautiful places

From now on, please take care of me!

Message from Aya Uchida / 内田彩 to Kotori Minami [μ’s からμ’s へのありがとう] [電撃G’s magazine][Amusu]


To Kotori,

There are a lot of messages I wish to convey to you…

But in fact, there is also very little I wish to tell you.

That’s because we have been together all these while, experiencing all sorts of things, till this day!

I’ve always been thinking, considering your thoughts, so that I would be able to convey your feelings in my performances.

I believe that my feelings can be conveyed…… Even though we call it a journey, but for now, I can’t quite understand what it is. But please be like a bird, gently the spread your wings and fly! I will always be with you

Even though we call it a journey, but for now, I can’t quite understand what it is. But please be like a bird, gently the spread your wings and fly! I will always be with you

But please be like a bird, gently the spread your wings and fly! I will always be with you

I will always be with you

Message from Suzuko Mimori / 三森すずこ to Umi Sonoda [μ’s からμ’s へのありがとう] [電撃G’s magazine][Amusu]


Umi-chan, these 6 years, we have been through countless of things.

At the start, the flawless Yamato Nadeshiko-like Umi-chan felt very distant to me, making me doubtful (of whether I fit the character?)

What must I do so that we can become closer?

What must I do to highlight Umi-chan’s cute character?

But, all thanks to the support of everyone, the time I spent with Umi-chan gradually increased……

As such, I naturally got to discover a lot of different sides to Umi-chan.

I’m really grateful to everyone.

Lastly, being able to meet Umi-chan is the proudest moment of my seiyuu career.

Thank you everyone, from the bottom of my heart.

From now onwards, we must always be together orh!

Message from Emi Nitta / 新田恵海 to Honoka Kousaka [μ’s からμ’s へのありがとう] [電撃G’s magazine][Amusu]

Ever since we met in the beginning, Honoka has become my important pillar of support.

Be it our similarities, our differences, her charming personality, and of course, even her negative sides; I love them all.

She’s like my childhood friend, my family, like another part of me… there’s an unimaginable feeling of closeness.

I am the closest to you and have always idolise your energetic personality

There’s no need to say that I like you; that’s no way to convey my feelings properly.

But, even if I don’t convey it in a special way, I’m sure my feelings will be able to get through.

Even though my thoughts may differ from those around me, from now onwards, I’m sure we will always be together.

Next time before we meet, please continue to be everyone’s ball of happiness.

Next time, I must beg you to please take care of me! Honoka