Message from Sora Tokui / 徳井青空 to Nico Yazawa [μ’s からμ’s へのありがとう] [電撃G’s magazine][Amusu]


To Niko-chan,

I really,really,really like Niko-chan!
The wonderful feeling when the 9 of us sing together; the same wonderful feeling when we go on stage to perform.
I have learnt many things from Nico-chan.
Thinking back to when we were all on stage, it felt like a fantastic time.
Even though it’s the Final Live,
from now onwards, I will always, always be by Nico-chan side.

The 9 of μ’s will also always be my companions!
Please don’t feel lonely!
From now on, please don’t forget to smile! We will always be together!
Niko, Niko, Ni~
Even after Final Live, you guys must still be friendly with me ah!
My treasure, Nico-chan.

By Sora Tokui

Message from Aina Kusuda / 楠田亜衣奈 to Nozomi Tojo [μ’s からμ’s へのありがとう] [電撃G’s magazine][Amusu]


To Nozomi,
Up till now, I have deeply felt that we have been through it together.
Be it confusion, worries, happiness or sadness.
We have really been through a lot.
All of these experiences, to me, is really really precious.
I cannot imagine what my life would be like if I had not met you, Nozomi.

From our first meeting, it has been roughly six years that we have continued on.
I feel really happy and blessed.
I not only want to convey my feelings of thanks, but I would also like for you to know that you have a special place in my heart.
Thank you, Nozomi.

Message from Yoshino Nanjo / 南條愛乃 to Eri Ayase [μ’s からμ’s へのありがとう] [電撃G’s magazine][Amusu]


Even though it’s unnoticeable on the surface,
the Eli that I have voiced will never disappear,
instead, she will live on forever in my heart.
If one day in the future, I could project Eli’s image and voice to her fans, that would be really special.
Even if that day doesn’t come, it doesn’t matter; I would want to stay by your side.
Because, you have made me understood many things in life.

Message from Muse to Muse [μ’s からμ’s へのありがとう] [電撃G’s magazine][Amusu]

μ’s からμ’s へのありがとう was earlier released by 電撃G’s magazine. Be prepared to be filled with feels by these tear-jerking messages from our beloved Seiyuu to Muse.


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Message from Riho Iida / 飯田里穂 to Rin Hoshizora [μ’s からμ’s へのありがとう] [電撃G’s magazine][Amusu]


Being able to meet Rin-chan was really wonderful!

Because you have shown me all kinds of different sceneries.

I’ve always thought that Rin-chan was the cutest!

That’s why I’ve always been thinking and coming up with ways to convince everyone of your cuteness!(laughs)

I really hoped I was able to help, even a little(*^^*)

Because now’s the time, that’s why I am able to say it out.

Although at the start, I wasn’t sure why I had to specially add Nyaa at the end of each sentence but now, I can’t help but add Nyaa in all my sentences! (Laugh☆)

I really like all of Rin-chan!?

From now onwards, we must always be together!☆

Message from Pile to Maki Nishikino [μ’s からμ’s へのありがとう] [電撃G’s magazine][Pilefection]



Be it in the past, or in the future,

Be it whatever the place, we will always go hand in hand.

All these while, you have brought me all kinds of beautiful things.

I believe we can continue,

Continue to see all kinds of beautiful places

From now on, please take care of me!