[Interview] みも!みも!みもりん Happy Taiwan Go ~ 今日は絶対に晴れ! [Suzuko Mimori / 三森すずこ][AmuEnglishTranslate]

“I would like to voice act as a character’s Mother!”, Mimorin enthusiastically replied.
Voice acting as a mother would definitely be Mimorin’s biggest challenge!


Breaking down the walls of the two-dimensional into bringing out the liveliness of the characters by the lovely seiyuu, Suzuko Mimori, held her Taiwan personal fan meeting at Taipei Huayang Hana stage on 29th May 2016.

Known for voicing Sherlock Shellinford from the TV Anime “Tantei Opera Milky Holmes”, and Umi Sonda from the TV Anime “Love Live!”.

Mimori Suzuko with her usual sweet appearance and voice, would sometimes charm her fans with her klutzy cute actions.

Not just only as a remarkable voice actress but also an outstanding artiste.

First started as a voice actress with her musical background, Mimorin gradually branched out into singing. Within a short span of few years, Mimorin has become one of the prominent singers!

A day before her fan meeting, the skies were dark. And the weather forecast was showing the whole week of rainy day.
As if being blessed by the “Sunny” power, the sky was clear and sunny on the day of the fan meeting. And this made Mimorin felt really lucky.

「Mimori Suzuko Live Tour 2016 “Grand Revue”」will be her upcoming event in Japan. This will be Mimorin’s first birthday tour! 28th of June is Mimorin’s birthday.

What emotion are you feeling right now?
I’m really looking forward to this event and was wondering if I’m being recognized? In the end, there were many attendees which made me really really happy about it!


What kind of new roles would you like to challenge yourself with?
Perhaps, if given the chance, I would like to voice act as a character’s Mother! Because I had been voicing many older female sister characters, thus I would really like to try out roles like as a mother or small young boy.
As I didn’t voice in these roles before, I really would want to challenge myself in more diverse roles.

Mentioning about her birthday wishes:
When she was young, she thought that she would be a mother, a housewife, and lead an ordinary living life at this age.

Unexpectedly, her current life is very fulfilling and colorful, and she intends to challenge herself and going forward with her positive attitude.


Mimorin hinted that during her “Grand Revue”, there would be a special presentation and surprise to the audiences.
After all, to her, stage events are meant to make the fans “Happy”.

On the other hand, within the limited time in Taiwan, Mimorin has already tried a few renowned Taiwan dishes such as thread noodles, meat dumplings, red bean paste dumplings, pearl milk tea, and hotpot.
Mimorin was fascinated by the taste of the thread noodles. She was particularly impressed by the resemblance to a suit Japanese taste buds.

Lastly, Mimorin was glad that animation was not only exclusive to Japan but was widely spread in overseas. Furthermore, she was grateful to perform in Taiwan and would be looking forward to coming back again!


Source/来源: http://www.animen.com.tw/

Image source/图片来源: http://www.animen.com.tw/


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