Just before Love Live! Sunshine!! Episode 13 broadcast! Cast Comments & group photo「ラブライブ!サンシャイン!!」[Aqours][Amusu Translate]

Just before Episode 13 broadcast! Cast Comments & group photo!

aqours_llss_cast_episode_13高海千歌 CV伊波杏樹
Anju Inami (CV for Chika Takami)
Really very grateful to everyone who has always been looking forward to (Aqours?) and supporting us. I am Anju Inami, CV for Chika Takami.
Initially from admiration and through yearning, Chika started her dream. One by one intertwined and started the birth of Aqours.
Nevertheless, the story of the 9 girls is filled by indispensable feelings, kindness and warm support.
These are all included in Episode 13.
Aqours has begun its みんなで叶える物語( Makes Everyone’s Dreams Come True).
I will be very happy if you are able to enjoy the story.

桜内梨子 CV逢田梨香子
Rikako Aida (CV for Riko Sakurauchi)
Love Live! Sunshine!! Has finally reached to Episode 13…
Time really flies and is somehow feeling a little lonely…
We are learning lots of things from everyone in Aqours ever since the start of Episode 1.
It was very encouraging seeing the growth of Aqours in every past broadcast.
If everyone is experiencing the same feeling as me, even just a little, will definitely make me even happier.
Aqours will be braving through forward, but in the end what will be found and ended up? Everyone, please do not miss and witness it with your own eyes!
Now, Episode 13: Sunshine!!. Please continue to support. Thank you!!

松浦果南 CV諏訪ななか
Nanaka Suwa (CV for Kanan Matsuura)
To those who has been watching Love Live! Sunshine!!. Thank you very much!
Hopefully, everyone can keep watching, no matter what lies behind the story and future of Aqours.
If so, please do continue to enjoy the story of Aqours♪

黒澤ダイヤ CV小宮有紗
Arisa Komiya (CV for Dia Kurosawa)
Thank you very much for your continued support for Love Live! Sunshine!! And Aqours.
Time really flies, without even realising that we have came to Episode 13 and I thought that this period was just the beginning of the broadcasting.
TV animation spent a total of 9 episodes to form Aqours with a full 9 members, and I think we can identify the personality of each member.
I personally want to firmly convey the deep bond and friendship of the third year to everyone! Especially poured in even more tenacious effort into episode 8 and 9. It’s my best effort, I hope everyone would watch more of these two episodes again!!
Then Episode 13, what will be happening to Aqours members as their first step together…
Please gently watch over them!

渡辺 曜 CV斉藤朱夏
Shuka Saito (CV for You Watanabe)
Soon it’s episode 13.
In the beginning, 3 girls started Aqours
Then one by one due to their own reasons joined as school idols.
Indeed, this moment is really a step from 0 to 1.
I think episode 13 is just another starting for Aqours.
Everyone, please be sure to watch this scene! Thank you very much!

津島善子 CV小林愛香
Aika Kobayashi (CV for Yoshiko Tsushima)
Aqours members have been worrying and troubled a lot, considering a lot. And finally they found their path to shine, thus began the activities as 9 members.
In the end, what kind of answer lies ahead for Aqours members for wishing to turn 0 into 1?…
Everyone, please do not miss this sight! Thank you very much.

国木田花丸 CV高槻かなこ
Kanako Takatsuki (CV for Hanamaru Kunikida)
Finally came to episode 13.
Would Aqours be able to change from “0” into “1”?
Can’t divulge it out, anyway, I want you to watch it!!

小原鞠莉 CV鈴木愛奈
Aina Suzuki (CV for Mari Ohara)
Everyone that has enjoyed “Love Live! Sunshine!!”, thank you for your support!!
I was deeply moved by Mari’s action for wanting to be school idols together with Kanan and Dia again.
With loving friends (Kanan & Dia?), and together with Chika and friends formed Aqours as 9 members. The relationship getting back together after the void 2 years strengthened among those three once more.
Here looking forward to the progression of the 9 Aqours members!!
I hope everyone can enjoy the episode 13.
I am Aina Suzuki CV for Mari Ohara!!

黒澤ルビィ CV降幡 愛
Ai Furihata (CV for Ruby Kurosawa)
Aqours, the thoughts of the 9 members has finally turned into one and became a “from now on” feeling.
Till episode 12, I think everyone has seen the various expressions and the other side of the 9 members including Ruby,
In episode 13, you can see 9 aligned shining expressions of the 9 members if you have watched.
Episode 13: Sunshine!!. Please continue your support. Thank you!!!

Watch Episode 13 Official LIVE here: http://live.nicovideo.jp/watch/lv276007187

SourceーOfficial site: http://www.lovelive-anime.jp/uranohoshi/news.php#2650

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