Emi Nitta talks about Love Live! Her past 6 years of thoughts and feelings during Tsun Raji radio broadcast [新田恵海の えみゅーじっく♪まじっく☆第103回] [つんらじ]

In Emitsun’s 103rd Tsun Raji Hibiki radio broadcast, she mentioned her past 6 years of experience with μ’s (Muse).

For Emitsun, her most precious memories were from Final Love Live! and Yokohama Live.

How important Love Live! and Honoka Kousaka was to her.

Emitsun was given the green-lit to share about this sensitive topic, and she even wore an orange dress to the radio session.


Just like any of the Love Livers, Emitsun would also like to attend her own μ’s concerts.

Afraid not, but Emitsun managed to attend FL Special Live Viewing with Kisara-san, Producer-san, and Ucchi (Aya Uchida)!!

Information about Final Live planning was also shared.

In fact, they wanted to hold an all the Muse songs concert.
Sadly it was a disappointment, as there were really too many of Muse’ songs
The Tokyo Dome was being set up to allow maximum closest distance to the stage.

The happenings during Tokyo Dome weren’t just Final Live, but the past 6 years memories along by the side of Muse.

During the first day of Final Live, Emitsun were controlling her tears. The 9 of them promised to enjoy FL to the fullest, thus they will not cry.

In the second day, Muse & Love Livers cried together.

“To those who has been supporting us,
Regardless of when and where you have started,
Knew us through Love Live! animation,
or being a die-hard fan since the beginning of Love Live!,
All of us have our memories with this project,
As always,
μ’s will be μ’s,
And this μ’s will never change”

“It’s really a miracle for the 9 of us being together”

Without a doubt, from a project that was full of uncertainty into today’s success.

The 3rd live was where the 18 of them gathered and performed.

“In the story of the second season, didn’t μ’s make this important decision?
一 “After the third year has graduated, μ’s will also end their activities”,
Since Honoka & friends have already made up their minds,
We will also have to keep up to it…
At that time, the condition of my throat wasn’t really good,
And there were other occurrences…”

“Thanks to everyone, we’re able to stand on the stage”

Emitsun also had a change of hairstyle.
[Because Muse has ended ] (´;︵;`)(´;︵;`)(´;︵;`)
Honoka’s hairstyle will be a form of treasure into the future.

Emitsun intended to only mention about the song list but carelessly poured out her thoughts & heart feelings.

“In 2010, the project began.
Everyone including the seiyuu & the staff,
Some were at a loss, and while trying to explore,
But we believed that we can absolutely accomplish something amazing,
Believing that these members will certainly to bring us to reach a greater height,
It has been 6 years since we started…
Hoping such feelings can slightly be conveyed to everyone’s hearts”

“In my heart,
For Honoka to disappear one day,
I will never want it to come…”

“Up till now has always been supporting me,
Or should I say,
Has became my light,
Motivating me and giving me the strength,
Most often accompanying me by my side,
一 That person is Honoka…”

Emitsun was elated to receive overseas fans’ letters.
The most mentioned key phrase was “Faitoda yo(ファイトだよ)”

However, one of the fans wrote “Faitarda yo (ファイターだよ)” and Emitsun immediately reacted to it by saying it’s not fighter!!! (ファイターじゃねぇっつの!!!).
“Faitoda yo(ファイトだよ)” wasn’t included in the initial lyrics for the first Honoka BD song “Yume Naki Yume wa Yumejanai (夢なき夢は夢じゃない)”

It was added after discussion with Kisara-san, the manager.

“In the end, “Faitoda yo (ファイトだよ)” was added,
Often I have been told that this phrase is able to give strength.
As for myself, I also gained a lot of support from this…
Always feeling very pleasant,
as if this phrase is simply a fateful encounter.”

Everyone in μ’s,
There are reasons why they are lovable (to me)…
Really love every unit,
Really love every grade,
Really like every song…
Sometimes wondered if there’s no issue of this obsession?! (laugh)

If one day I have to say goodbye to Love Live!,
Then I’ll simply become a Love Liver! (laugh)

During FL Bokutachi wa Hitotsu no Hikari (僕たちはひとつの光),
When Muse were forming that ring on the stage.
To be honest, we couldn’t see the audience of fifty thousand,
Really very sorry (laugh),
Even though there were so many people watching…
“Finally, let this time exclusively be ours” as everyone has mentioned this before as our mutual feelings, and [the final] wish.

The story relating to Akibahara Dome in Love Live!,
Honoka & friends mentioned this before 一 “Wanting to make it a reality” & “Wanting to make it successful”
Despite the animation couldn’t finish this story,
We had fulfilled it on behalf for them.

It’s really impossible to finish the past 6 years history of Love Live! in a 30 minutes radio broadcast!

Still feel that there are more to talk about it
Wondering if there’s a day I could bring this topic up without crying? (laugh)
But because it’s the most precious thing,
thus hoping everyone can remember (μ’s),
And it’s an always for me…
Finally once again to everybody,
We’re always grateful,
and even so please take care of us
Then definitely it would be good if everyone can always like μ’s…
All in all, because I’ve been crying (since the start), the communication might not be clear (laugh)

The greatest 6 years, really very thankful, Love you the most! Honoka


English Translated Video : https://www.facebook.com/LoveLive.Muse/videos/1058040594294141/

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