Has the story of Muse ended in SIF Chapter 47? 「スクフェス」「9人の奇跡」

After completion of the latest song: “Future Style”, the latest story seems to show that μ’s game story has come to an end! ?


Have been on a stronger feels trip since Love Live Final Live (´;︵;`)

今が最高!This is the moment!



Netizens comments:

-If the story would not be updated, this would only further rend Loveliver to μ’ser and aqourser. It is a definitely bad decision to just stop the story. Fans, of course, would like to memorise and celebrate μ’s in their own way; more and more of them would possibly boycott aqours. For my part, I fully admire aqours and really appreciate their dream and endeavour, but μ’s is irreplaceable in my heart–I often feel that they are my family memebers, at least best friends. This violent stop would only STRENGTHEN MY LOYALTY to μ’s.


-無論未來如何發展 一生一世只愛μ’s



一生只愛 μ’s


-Muse forever😭


-as much as i sad too, but guys, dont blame aquors. how can u expect them to make a new stories for muse when the V.A themselves already disbanded and some of them already focus on their own career or u guys prefer reading the script only?


-I don’t know but i feel happy to see love livers feeling for μ’s. maybe because they influence me so much. a live with love, a fan base filled with love. They even got people to hold hands in the concert . lovely project.


-To be fair, the “story” for sif really isn’t a big thing or part of the game so I’m not really worried about that but I really don’t like the fact that it does feel like they are outright jut telling us, ” hey, forget about Muse, we have Aqours now. I like Aqours and all the girls but you can’t just think that all of us who Muse stole our hearts(and saved my life) will be ok with their family being taken away. I know Muse disbanded, that’s ok, I know that Aqours is the new story, that’s ok. But you can’t just get rid of Muse. I honestly want to see maybe in season2 or a movie, Muse and Aqours team up or something. Idk Muse Forever!!!!




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