Voice actress Mimori Suzuko reveals her ideal type [声優三森すずこ]

Mimori Suzuko opened up about her ideal type of person, and has triggered netizens attention!!

In the TV Anime “Love Live!”, the famous voice actress Mimorin voiced prominent role as Umi Sonada. And Mimorin is regarded as a goddess in the eyes of her fans (Mimorian).

Recently, Mimorin tweeted on her Twitter about her favourite type of man, and has since stirred up a discussion among the Japanese netizens.


Mimori Suzuko’s tweets: “I might like someone who has a goal in mind or remain unwavering in their beliefs and dreams…(*´ω`*) And always thoughtful about the surrounding people and caring for others

Japanese netizens response:

“I’m also a very faithful person, Mimori please marry me!”

“I’m the person she mentioned!”

“Stop being delusional, I think she forgot to say that the person must be handsome as a precondition”

“She suddenly revealed these, is she ready to announce her marriage notice?”

“Yesterday, she took part in a radio program and thus tweeted about it. If she got married, many fans are going to die”

Me: This “person” seems like Emitsun (Emi Nitta)?? Or probably Soramaru (Sora Tokui)??


Why not both? Teehee
….Stop the shipping… Enough of your jokes

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