Pile’s third album ‘Tailwind (s)’ is related to her fans. 「追い風さん」

Forget about Piler or 816, because “Tailwind” was what Pile named her fans.
During today’s NicoNama broadcasting on Valentine’s Day, Pile announced her third solo album: “Tailwind(s)”. It will be scheduled to release on Apil 26th. The name of the new album was literally translated from the word “Tailwind”.


This will be a big long sailing journey, everyone please be my ‘Tailwind’ and together we proceed with our sailing.

Recalled from her Asia Tour: “Because my fans have been following my Asia tour, or wherever I’ve been going. Fans are just like my ‘Tailwind’, embarking on my journey, set sailing to various places regardless of where I would go. Really very grateful. Thank you very much!”

◎ “Tailwind (s)” Album Information
Release Date: 2017/4/26
<Limited Edition A> (CD + Blu-ray + photo booklet)
VIZL-1156 5,816 yen (tax out.)
<Limited Edition B> (CD + DVD)
VIZL-1157 3,816 yen (tax out.)
<Normal Edition> (CD ONLY)
VICL-64786 2,816 yen (tax out.)


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