Pile’s thoughts on μ’sic Forever

Felt it has been a long time since I’ve written such a long blog post.
It has been a year since FINAL LOVE LIVE. The time has been going by so fast.
There were lots of interviews after FINAL LOVE LIVE!, and I thought there will be lots of opportunities to talk about my own feelings about it.
It has been a busy 6 years, but also a fulfilling one. I have gained lots of precious experiences.
In the beginning, I didn’t have any experience in the role as a seiyuu, thus there was some uneasiness.
It was difficult for the introverted me to carry out the activities as a group. However, now I felt happy and at ease with the members.
After witnessing their outgoing activeness, it made me felt that: “This is really amazing, this is really fun, and I won’t lose out too!”
In fact, now I’m still wondering why that time I have reacted that way.
Every time when Live is getting closer, we will have a long rehearsal. But after the Saitama Super Arena performance, I became really exhausted.
After the beginning of the second half of rehearsal, Maki-chan can only rely on me. Although feeling grateful but also felt a huge sense of responsibilty, and subsequently became lost and down because I don’t know what to do next.
During this time, I am thank you to my group members that cheered me up.
It has been a year to review on this Live.
In short, it has a great view. A great time. And a great moment.
At the end, when we linked our shoulders, without doubt, we were overflowing with the 6 long years of emotions.
To me it’s “actually” full of 6 years (laughs)
Really really want to thank everyone who has been supporting me for the past 6 years.

And it has been nice to encounter Maki-chan.
In this encounter, i gained lots of precious experiences, brought me onto different stages, and witnessing lots of scenaries.
To me, Maki-chan is definitely an important existence.
Without her existence, I wouldn’t have continued in music career.
Because of her impact, I was able to continue in working hard.
Honestly, sometimes I feel that she has a strong presence…But even so, because of her, there’s the today’s Pile.

「これからはもっとよろしくね だって離れたりできるはずないんだよ」(I don’t think I’ll able to leave you in the future)

Certainly. Please be nice to me even in the future. Because of this encounter, I was able to witness this scenery, and hopefully she will be able to witness from me too.
Up till now, this one year is probably the period of preparation. And this is the relay race.
And now is up to my effort to show it to more people.
I’m very grateful to everyone that made me felt this way.
Even from now on, please continue to support me!!!

P.S. Thank you. Really sorry for the bad handwriting.

This month is the start of (my) birthday live,
also Maki-chan’s birthday.
And also like to gather the strength of all Tailwinds,
together with my strength,
on every stage,
on Budokan,
to show her that scenery too.

Please be nice to me too!



Link: http://ameblo.jp/pile0502/entry-12257768978.html

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