Love Live! officials are cracking down on copyrighted items and doujinshi. Melon Books have discontinued Love Live related Doujinshi.


Love Live! officials have started to crack down on infringed Love Live! products.

Japan’s well-known doujinshi retailer, Melon Books have issued a notice that they’ll be taking down and discontinuing any sales of Love Live! related doujinshi.
It is believed that Melon Books are following up with the addressed announcement by the Love Live! officials.

Melon Books have already removed the Love Live! capsule machines and related doujinshi books goods.

Currently, many doujinshi artists are puzzled on the “boundaries” of the infringement.

Originally, it was thought that the previous announcements were only for counterfeit official goods. However, doujinshi is affected as well.

“[Attention] Although this was also mentioned in some press reports, it has been confirmed that several fraudulent items were sold in some mail order sites, amusement parks, auction sites, etc. Please be careful not to accidentally purchase any illegal products.”

“Love Live! Love Live! Sunshine!! official announcement about unlicensed items. For more details. →Https : //”

“Thank you for supporting Love Live! & Love Live! Sunshine!!

Regardless of repeated investigation by the police, unfortunately, it’s still rampant that Love Live! & Love Live! Sunshine!!’s infringed goods were sold or distributed through events and mail-order sites, or cases where it is regarded as a prize of an amusement arcade.

We will continue to strictly cope with copyright infringement policy on malicious infringement.

Please be careful not to get these unlicensed illegal goods.

From now on please continued to support Love Live! & Love Live! Sunshine!!. Thank you.”




1) Utsunomiya Tojo and the prefectural police arrested 3 salarymen for selling infringed fake Love live products.
They were placed under the suspicion of violating the trademark law.
They are believed to be Chinese citizens staying in Arakawa-Ku, Tokyo. Aged 26, 27 and 30 years old respectively.

2) Ibaraki prefectural police arrested employee Shigeru Shimoyama (33) under the suspicion of violating the copyright law. Which he later admitted that he was doing it to “ease the cost of living”.

He sold three points, including smart phone cases with animated characters and logos, through the Internet without the permission of copyrights and trademark use from last October – December.

The prefectural police also seized about 8,000 false anime goods from Shimoyama’s home. And was estimated that he sold approximately 32.5 million yen from February 2014 to May this year.


JP Link:


Update 30/5: Mistranslation

It’s Doujinshi GOODS that have been discontinued. For now, the doujinshi books/manga are still safe.

One thought on “Love Live! officials are cracking down on copyrighted items and doujinshi. Melon Books have discontinued Love Live related Doujinshi.”

  1. Apparently this only applies to Doujinshi goods, not the doujinshi books. This means that Melonbooks has stopped selling pins, acrylic stands, keyholders, etc, but they still stock actual doujinshi comics. I’ve been reading accounts from several artists on Twitter and they all say the same about it being only goods.


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