Love Live! Sunshine!! Itasha bicycles available for rental in Numazu City!

Visiting Love Live! Sunshine!! pilgrimage (Numazu) sites can be quite a hassle on foot. However, starting from August 1, there will be Aqours’ Itasha bicycles available for rental!

On August 25, Numazu City collaborated with Sankemikaru launched a campaign using Love Live! Sunshine!! Itasha bicycles to increase visibility at night.
Furthermore, these Itasha will be used to promote tourism around the Numazu City.

Sankemikaru is a company based in Saitama prefecture, which commercialises reflective film with special design. The whole bicycle will be customised with Aqours’ characters.

More than 80% of the total area of the 20-inch Itasha bicycle will be made to reflect off the light. Sankemikaru will also customise the 3 electric-assisted bicycles owned by Numazu city.

The presentation ceremony was held at Numazu City Hall, Sankemikaru’s president Toshiyuki Ushida said: “I want to help to prevent accidents.”

3 units will be placed at Sansei Urawa General Information Center and 4 units at each hotel in the Numazu.

*Bicycles donated by Sankemikaru



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