Mimori Suzuko is dating Kazuchika Okada and currently in their 5 months serious relationship.

The popular seiyuu, Mimori Suzuko is currently dating Kazuchika Okada, a Japanese professional wrestler from New Japan Pro-Wrestling (NJPW).

Based on multiple sources, their relationship started during the New Japan Pro Midsummer festival “G1 Climax” on last August.

Mimori Suzuko is under the voice acting office “Hibiki”, which “Bushiroad” is the parent company. Mimorin Suzuko is known for the music activities with voice acting units “Milky Holmes” and “μ’s (Muse)”, and has participated in NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen 2015.

Both met at Bushiroad events last summer and was progressing quickly. Both attended on each others’ concert live and wrestling matches.

On Jan 12th, Okada admitted that the dating rumour “it’s true” during the Nagoya convention.

Mimori’s affiliated office also announced that “both of them are serious (on dating)”

The news took a catastrophic shock. Currently, they are in their 5th month of dating, and the topic of marriage has not appeared. Okada further added on that, “I’m thinking about future things seriously.”

[More information(?)]
The dating rumour was probably revealed by Bunshunhou


>Some rumours have been spread among some fans that “They are going out with each other”
>Mimori ended her work on the evening of Jan 9th and headed to Okada’s house by a taxi. Both stayed for about two and a half hours and left the house together. Then they went to Mimori’s house by taxi and stated for about two hours. And Okada went off alone by taxi.
>The next day, both rented a car and went for their date drive.
>This situation was photographed by the “Weekly Bunshun” interview team.


Nevertheless, congratulations to the happy couple!


Hopefully, there would be no extreme fans that would send threatening stuff over to harass Mimorin.

Example the recent, Ayana Taketatsu’s death threats incident.



Image: Yahoo Japan

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