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C3 ANIME FESTIVAL ASIA SINGAPORE 2018 – I Love Anisong Concert!

Celebrating 10th anniversary of Anime Festival in Singapore!
This year marks an important milestone for C3 Anime Festival Asia Singapore. And importantly, C3AFASG is going big!! featuring fresh acts and returning favourites artistes and many more stellar contents!

It’s that time of the year again, where we head to C3AFASG2018 for its annual highlight event – the I Love Anisong Concert!

The star-studded line-up for the first day of the C3AFASG 2018 I Love Anisong Concert is sure to incite plenty of excitement and nostalgia!

Performing in Singapore for the first time are Tielle&Gemie from SawanoHiroyuki[nZk], SPYAIR, Erii Yamazaki, and YURiKA on Friday.
TrySail, EARPHONES, KISIDAKYODAN AND THE AKEBOSIROCKETS and Real Akiba Boyz as the opening act will also be performing for the very first time at I Love Anisong on Saturday.

With established names making a triumphant return to the ILA stage are Shiena Nishizawa on Friday, Suzuko Mimori on Saturday, and angela, GARNiDELiA, May’n, and nano during C3AFASG 10th Anniversary Night on Sunday!

This year’s concert will definitely open with a bang!

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Pile’s third album ‘Tailwind (s)’ is related to her fans. 「追い風さん」

Forget about Piler or 816, because “Tailwind” was what Pile named her fans.
During today’s NicoNama broadcasting on Valentine’s Day, Pile announced her third solo album: “Tailwind(s)”. It will be scheduled to release on Apil 26th. The name of the new album was literally translated from the word “Tailwind”.

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Anisong Singer – Ray officially announces her retirement. [アニソン歌手][Ray][アーティスト活動引退を発表]

Ray officially announced her retirement as a singer on her blog due to her personal reasons.


Ray’s final live performance scheduled to be held in the summer of 2017.
It has been five years since her major debut as a singer.
Ray thanked her fans for being supportive of her for the past five years, and she is truly sorry for the sudden announcement.

[Translation to be out soon!  8:03pm]

“To my always supportive fans,

Thank you so much for your warm support.

I, Ray, have decided to have my final live performance held in the summer of 2017,
and I will be graduating from my artist activities.

Today have been roughly five years since my major debut,
I have really met a lot of people, sang in various places, experienced various things that I cannot normally experience.
And more than anything, I was able to meet many wonderful fans.

I have been fond of singing since I was a child.
I have always wanted to bring the smile to everyone, even if it’s a little.
It has been my utmost effort and I have enjoyed all the past activities.
On the other hand, since last year I began to dwell on my life and future,
What can I do other than singing?
I have questioned this myself.

Under these circumstances, I have found another unfulfilled big dream,
and I want to challenge it.

I have discussed it with my staff, and we came to a consensus.
The staff accepted my selfish decisions and wishes.

And more than anything, announcing this abruptly to my fans,
I am really sorry.

Next month I will refrain from my one-man live since the 5th anniversary of my debut,
however, various other event appearances have been decided.
Until that day till I graduate from being a singer, I will still be the usual cheerfully and brightly me.
I think,
I am glad to have spent the happiness time together.
January 25, 2017

Ray is best known for singing the theme songs for the To LOVE-Ru Darkness series, Nagi no Asukara, and Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm.



Really thank you! I’ll always support your decision.


Pile Asia Tour – Pile call list – Amusu [Pile Asia Tour会場/公演時間発表]

Pile will be having her very First Asia Tour in the various selected countries! Information about the song calls will be listed below:

Pile Asia Tour Setlist (Probably)

M1: チェックメイト
M2: Dream of Princess
M3: ヒカリフライト
M4: Black Butterfly
M6: angel song
M7: Furuwasete
M8: ヴァンパイア革命
M9: 伝説のFLARE
M10: ドリームトリガー
M11: 空色デイズ
M12: 花と翼
M13: キミがくれたKISEKI
M14: 一歩先へ
M17: P.S.ありがとう…
M18: Melody

M19: Snow halation
M20: Darling!!
M21: soldier game
M22: それは僕たちの奇跡
M23: いつかキミに届ける世界
M24: 素晴らしきSekai

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Aya Uchida: “I will marry after 2 years, and my ideal partner’s annual income? Probably around 10 Million, and want to give birth to three!” [內田彩][声優]

Last Sunday, Aya Uchida announced her marriage plans during one of her events. Fret not, Aya Uchida is still single!

Aya Uchida’s speech:
1. I’m Aya Uchida, currently 29 years old♡
2. Still 29 years old
3. 29 years old
4. I want to have 3 kids
5. I’ll probably announce my marriage plans after 2 years
6. Needless to say, I’ll try my best! (Trying your best to look for a partner? 😛
7. Annual income? Of course, I’m concerned!
8. Probably around 10 Million (yen) will do
9. Well, and have to bring me for travel at least once a year

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[C3 CharaExpo 2016] DO’s and DON’T’s Guide to Mimori Suzuko Solo Concert [三森すずこ C3]

Mimori Suzuko’s second Singapore concert will be held on this coming Saturday, July 9, at Singapore Expo Hall, organised by C3 CharaExpo.
Known for voicing Sherlock Shellinford from the TV Anime “Tantei Opera Milky Holmes”, and Umi Sonda from the TV Anime “Love Live!”.
Always the crowd pleaser, Mimorin had her first Birthday Live tour recently in Japan.


First of all, I would like to highlight a few things.
Mimorin will be coming down to C3 CharaExpo as a performing artist. And Mimorin will be doing HER own solo concert, not just any concert, but her own individual concert as Mimorin. So please bear this in mind, and also respect in duly applies to other artistes.

1. Colour of the lightstick
Mimorin’s main representative colour is PINK, and it’s NOT BLUE. Please do not confuse with Umi’s colour and Mimorin’s. (P.S I’m a Loveliver but please respect the seiyuu as well)

2. Dressing
It’s always the best to dress in Mimorin’s official tee and using her King blade. However, it’s not a must if you don’t have one, but it’s better to keep it related.

3. Overlapping voiced characters and performing artist
Please never, and don’t ever do this. Mixing Umi and Mimorin as one entity. Shouting names of her voiced characters during her activities.
During one of the Chain Chronicle’s activities, a fan shouted “Kotori” at Uchida Aya and made her felt bad about it. It’s a basic form of courtesy to respect their personal identities and activities. Wouldn’t it be nice to leave a good impression instead?

4. Towel is equally important
Please don’t forget to bring one. (For songs, and for your sweat!)

[Official section] [Mimorin Call sheet]
サマーバケーション:LIGHT BLUE
(Special KB colour turning for Mimorin blade 2)
純情 Da DanDan:YELLOW
Traveling Kit:BLUE
Heart Collection:PURPLE
Spinning Stars:YELLOW
Wonderland Love:LIGHT BLUE

[Fan section]
Light for Kight:WHITE (With reference to アニソンCLUB! and AnimeJapan)
*Jump after “Tomaranai (止まらない)”

スマイリウム (Sumairiumu):PINK→YELLOW
*2nd part: Jump after “ryote ippai hirogete ~ (両手いっぱい広げて~)”
*Changed to Yellow on “Hitotsuhitotsu no hoshi-tachi ga (一つ一つの星たちが)” then body shake twice

ハッピーハッピークリスマス (Happy Happy Christmas):WHITE / GREEN/ RED
Xenotopia:BLUE (With reference to アニソンCLUB! and AnimeJapan)

*1st part: “Are kara (motto) watashi wa (motto)” ” WONDER FLIGHT (Hi) ton jatte (Hi)”
*2nd part: “Emi tte (motto) watashi to (motto)” “WONDER MIND(Hi) ai chatta (Hi)”
*2nd time Chorus: “Dakara issho ni mirai e”
Jump immediately at the “WONDER” part, after the “DER”.
It would be like: “WON(Hi), WON(Hi), WON(Hi) MIND(Hi)”

This is a writer’s opinion #Peaceout

*Credits: 三森すずこ Fan’s俱樂部 Mimorian

[Interview] みも!みも!みもりん Happy Taiwan Go ~ 今日は絶対に晴れ! [Suzuko Mimori / 三森すずこ][AmuEnglishTranslate]

“I would like to voice act as a character’s Mother!”, Mimorin enthusiastically replied.
Voice acting as a mother would definitely be Mimorin’s biggest challenge!


Breaking down the walls of the two-dimensional into bringing out the liveliness of the characters by the lovely seiyuu, Suzuko Mimori, held her Taiwan personal fan meeting at Taipei Huayang Hana stage on 29th May 2016. Continue reading [Interview] みも!みも!みもりん Happy Taiwan Go ~ 今日は絶対に晴れ! [Suzuko Mimori / 三森すずこ][AmuEnglishTranslate]

Nanojolno reveals her thoughts on Love Live! Final Live during her 21st Radio Broadcast [南條 愛乃]

It had been a while since we first knew the news on Final Live (It was also mentioned on her blog before). Due to members’ own busy schedules, not all of the members were present for the rehearsal until the last week before the FL. The supervisor even brought Nanjolno’s favorite Kasitila cake during the rehearsal.

Unfortunately, Muse didn’t manage to finish rehearsing the whole portion of their songs despite practising throughout until the final night.

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Asagei Takes Down Defamatory Article Regarding About Emi Nitta starring in Adult Video

S-inc (株式会社S) officially denies rumors of Emi Nitta casting in AV on 5th April 2016.

S-inc has confirmed that the AV cast is not affiliated nor is actual Emitsun herself.

S-inc agency has confirmed that they will be seeking legal advice regarding about this defamation case.

S-inc news information:

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Love Live! Wins Animation Album of the Year and Special Award for the Japan Gold Disc Award 2016

The 30th Japan Gold Disc Awards, which is one of the prestigious and most extravagant Japan Music awards ceremony of the year organized by the Recording Industry Association of Japan. The news was announced on February 26.

μ’s took home two awards, the Animation Album of the Year and Special Award.

Emi Nitta represented on behalf of μ’s for the speeches:

“It’s a great honour to receive such a wonderful award, and would like to thanks the staff & fans for your continuous support. We felt that this award was received with our fans. And this work called “Love Live!” will be continuing in spreading the appeal of Japanese anime and songs throughout the vast world.” Continue reading Love Live! Wins Animation Album of the Year and Special Award for the Japan Gold Disc Award 2016