Information about Pile (Eriko Hori/ 堀 絵梨子)


Eriko Hori/ 堀 絵梨子, also widely known as “Pile”. Pile (パイル), pronounced pai-ru, born on 2nd of May 1988, in Tokyo, Japan.

Pile is a solo singer and a voice actress. Pile is affiliated under SPACEY Music Entertainment.

In 2006, Pile auditioned in “National Asian Dolls” in Japan and emerged as the top contestant among the 700 applicants.

Pile first debuted with major music label Columbia in 2007 with the single called 「Your is All…」.

In 2010, Pile voiced as Maki Nishikino from the TV Anime “Love Live! School Idol Project”.

In 2013, Pile formed a duo unit with Aina Kusuda (Voice actress of Nozomi Tojou) under the name called “Please&Secret”.

Released two indie albums “Lovely Box” in the 85th Comiket (C85) and “Lovely Box 2” in the 86th Comiket (C86).

In August 2014, Pile formed a duo unit with Riho Iida (Voice actress of Rin Hoshizora) called “4to6”. The name came from the timing of the clock, 4 o’clock to 6 o’clock — it’s the timing when classes end to you reach home, and also it’s the time when you’re free to do your stuff after school.

In December 2014, Pile made first major debut as a solo artist with Victor Entertainment with her first single, “Densetsu no FLARE” 「 伝説のFLARE 」.

In March 2015, Pile’s first major album, “Jewel Vox”, was released under the Tower Records label.

In 22nd April 2015, Pile’s 2nd single, “Kimi ga Kureta KISEKI” (キミがくれたKISEKI), was released under the Victor Entertainment label.

In 4th November 2015, Pile released her 3rd single, “Dream Trigger” (ドリームトリガー), the Ending theme for the TV anime “World Trigger”.

In 16th March 2016, Pile released her 2nd album , “PILE”. This album has 13 track songs, and Pile Pinky Parade Tour 2015 concert Blu-ray (15 songs from the concert).

In 18th May 2016, Pile released her 4th single, “Melody”, the Opening theme for the TV anime “Kyōkai no RINNE (境界のRINNE)”.

In 28th December 2016, Pile released her 5th single, “Subarashiki Sekai (素晴らしきSekai)”, the Opening theme for the TV anime “Duel Masters VSRF (デュエル・マスターズVSRF)”.

[As a member of μ’s]

In 2015, Muse (μ’s) won the singing award in the 9th Seiyuu Awards.

In 31st of December 2015, Muse (μ’s) first participated in the 66th NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen.



Pile was born between a Japanese Father and a Korean Mother, which makes her a mixed blood. Pile is articulate in both Japanese and Korean, and also rather fluent in English. Pile’s stage name came from a material used for towels. It meant to mean, “Wrapped with warmth, an artist that will be loved by everyone”.

Pile graduated from Shinagawa Girl’s School, and attended a college in Tokyo, Japan.

Height: 158cm

Blood type: O

Hobby: Shopping, Cooking, Watching sports

Strength: Long patience, Laughter

Shortcoming: Being a slightly dork

Confident: Own abilities to speak Korean, dance, and smile due to teeth’s good alignment

What are you addicted to recently?: Hawaiian Cuisine

First thing to do after going home: Walk straight into the living room without going to room first

Average sleeping time: 4 ~ 7 hours

S/M?: M (Self-described as a masochist)

Favourite food: Something that’s refreshing (simple & light)

Dislike food: Junky (Heavy & strong)

Favourite colour: Pink

The moment when you feel happy: When I’m not alone

The occupation that you wanted to be when as a kid?: Ballerina and singer

What do you want at the moment?: Happiness (Laughs)

Where do you want to travel now?: Korea, so that wouldn’t forgot how to speak the language.


[Fun Trivia] [Updating]

“Pile-sama” is the common Pile’s nickname amongst her fans.

During the Comiket 86 (C86), Pile was lost for nearly 30minutes! Pile made a mistake of the location as Makuhari Messe instead of the correct location, Big Sight.

During the μ’s Go→Go! Love Live! 2015 ~Dream Sensation!~ (Love Live 5th Live), Pile made a mistake in recounting the group’s first “Bokura wa Ima no Naka de” (僕らは今のなかで) performance.

During the 2015 New Year broadcast, Pile was voted to have the biggest gap between their first impression of her, and her real personality by most of the other Love Live voice actresses. Pile was described as a person who is comfortable moving at her own pacing despite displaying a cool and confident aura.


[Official website]: pile.asia

[Official twitter]: https://twitter.com/pile_eric

[Official Instagram]: https://www.instagram.com/pi_channnn52/

[Official Nicovideo]: http://ch.nicovideo.jp/Pile

[Official blog]: http://profile.ameba.jp/pile0502/

[Official Agency website]: http://www.spacey.jp/