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Just before Love Live! Sunshine!! Episode 13 broadcast! Cast Comments & group photo「ラブライブ!サンシャイン!!」[Aqours][Amusu Translate]

Just before Episode 13 broadcast! Cast Comments & group photo!

aqours_llss_cast_episode_13高海千歌 CV伊波杏樹
Anju Inami (CV for Chika Takami)
Really very grateful to everyone who has always been looking forward to (Aqours?) and supporting us. I am Anju Inami, CV for Chika Takami.
Initially from admiration and through yearning, Chika started her dream. One by one intertwined and started the birth of Aqours.
Nevertheless, the story of the 9 girls is filled by indispensable feelings, kindness and warm support.
These are all included in Episode 13.
Aqours has begun its みんなで叶える物語( Makes Everyone’s Dreams Come True).
I will be very happy if you are able to enjoy the story.

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『ラブライブ!サンシャイン!!』“Aqours”二年生メンバーCharaExpoが登場「中文日本語 取材 翻訳」「C3」

Aqours (読み方: アクア か あ-く-あ) は去年に結成したスクールアイドルユニットグループです。メンバーが9人います。

高海千歌 CV伊波杏樹

桜内梨子 CV逢田梨香子

松浦果南 CV諏訪ななか

黒澤ダイヤ CV小宮有紗

渡辺 曜 CV斉藤朱夏

津島善子 CV小林愛香

国木田花丸 CV高槻かなこ

小原鞠莉 CV鈴木愛奈

黒澤ルビィ CV降幡 愛


この新しいプロジェクトは2015年2月に発表されました、それ以降、新しい情報も出ています。グループユニット名のAqoursは6月に発表され、その後た同時に、3つのユニットの名前、CYaRon!、AZALEAとGuilty Kissも読者投票によって決定しました。とメンバー人気順位の結果も発表されています。その後、7月から日本ではTVアニメが放送スタートしました。



Aqoursの中から二年生のメンバー(高海千歌役伊波杏樹さん、桜内梨子役逢田梨香子さん、渡辺曜役斉藤朱夏さん)が今回はLove Live! Sunshine!!を宣伝するために、ゲストとして暑いシンガポールに開催するC3 CharaExpo 2016にゲスト出演しました。キャストの皆さんと話す機会があったので、話した内容を見てみましょう!

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Love Live! Sunshine!! Aqours Second Year Interview「ラブライブ サンシャイン」「電撃G’s magazine」「Amusu Translation」

In the upcoming Dengeki G’s Magazine issue included the Aqours second-year interview.

The contents included Aqours’ Live activities and also a rare glimpse of opportunity for the second year to share their experiences during their participation of the Love Live! Sunshine!! audition.


Anju inami (aka Anchan) was originally a LoveLiver (*this fact is something that was known to many people), and specifically a Hanayo oshi (fan). Anchan has been to μ’s Live before and once thought that μ’s was an elusive presence.


Furthermore, Anchan was a fresh blood in a seiyuu(voice acting) firm for 2 years. Despite trying out various seiyuu audition, she was still not being selected.

When Anchan first heard about LLSS audition, she decided to give it her very best last shot in voice acting.


Love Live! was one of her dream work, thus Anchan challenged the audition with the accumulated 2 years of experience, and even thought of giving up being a seiyuu if she were to fail in her last audition.


Rikako Aida (aka Rikyako) already likes to listen to μ’s songs, watched the LL anime, and also a Sukufesu(SIF) player like any of us.

Rikyako fell in love with Rikochan the moment she saw a picture of Rikochan during the audition.

Rikyako was once a transfer student and has many similarities with Rikochan.

During the studio audition, Rikyako directly voiced out her interest in voicing Rikochan. “Please let me voice act as Rikochan!”


Rikyako held dearly to her phone every single day till the announcement of the result.

Rokyako’s wish was granted in playing the role of her favourite character, and she hugged her mother while crying in joy.



Shuka Saito (aka Shuchan) first known about Love Live! through SIF. And Shuchan thought that it was impressive for seiyuu to synchronise with the dancing. It was really charismatic.

Shuchan has not officially announced her year of birth, but she revealed that she is the youngest among Aqours members.

Moreover, she was still a Joshi Kousei (high school girl) when she participated in the audition. It was unexpected to be qualified, as originally it was simply a simple motivation to participate in her favourite works.


Shuchan was extremely nervous during the audition. And because this audition will be Shuchan’s lifetime opportunity, she showed her best skills (*She has been learning dancing since elementary school), singing and dancing.

Shuchan performed the Honoka’s part for 「僕らは今のなかで」and expressed that she has memorised the Honoka’s dance steps for「僕らは今のなかで」 !

There are even more interviews with the 3 Aqours second-year members. Their feelings and desires about this Love Live! project.

If you’re interested, do remember to buy an own copy for yourself! (or perhaps even more)

Love Live! Sunshine!! Numazu Event – Perfect synchronised Aozora Jumping Heart OP showcase 「ラブライブ!サンシャイン!!」「沼津イベント」「青空Jumping Heart」中文】Love Live! Sunshine!! Aqours 夏暑假課外活動 ~ 夏日祭和大家在一起 ~ 在沼津市







Love Live! Sunshine!! Aqours Summer Vacation Extracurricular Activities ~ Summer Festival together with Everyone ~ in Numazu.

Thank you very much!

1st LIVE. Best place, and time.

Gonna go one step at a time! Zura-ne!

I’ll do my very best

中文】Love Live! Sunshine!! Aqours 夏暑假課外活動 ~ 夏日祭和大家在一起 ~ 在沼津市




Netizens reaction:

  1. It’s really amazing that both fit perfectly
  2. It must be tough in order to match the standing position in the camera
  3. Hopefully, I’ll able to get 1st live tickets
  4. Considering the fact that Aqours members are still young, it’s remarkable to have such physical fitness
  5. The Live would have a mixed feeling
  6. This convinced me that everyone is really active and is working very hard!


  1. 好完美的動畫這真是太神奇了
  2. 一定很困難吧匹配相機站立的位置
  3. 希望能拿到1stLive的票
  4. Aqours成員還年輕,體質可真好
  5. Live 將有一個混合的感覺
  6. 這使我相信大家很元気非常努力!

[C3 CharaExpo 2016] DO’s and DON’T’s Guide to Mimori Suzuko Solo Concert [三森すずこ C3]

Mimori Suzuko’s second Singapore concert will be held on this coming Saturday, July 9, at Singapore Expo Hall, organised by C3 CharaExpo.
Known for voicing Sherlock Shellinford from the TV Anime “Tantei Opera Milky Holmes”, and Umi Sonda from the TV Anime “Love Live!”.
Always the crowd pleaser, Mimorin had her first Birthday Live tour recently in Japan.


First of all, I would like to highlight a few things.
Mimorin will be coming down to C3 CharaExpo as a performing artist. And Mimorin will be doing HER own solo concert, not just any concert, but her own individual concert as Mimorin. So please bear this in mind, and also respect in duly applies to other artistes.

1. Colour of the lightstick
Mimorin’s main representative colour is PINK, and it’s NOT BLUE. Please do not confuse with Umi’s colour and Mimorin’s. (P.S I’m a Loveliver but please respect the seiyuu as well)

2. Dressing
It’s always the best to dress in Mimorin’s official tee and using her King blade. However, it’s not a must if you don’t have one, but it’s better to keep it related.

3. Overlapping voiced characters and performing artist
Please never, and don’t ever do this. Mixing Umi and Mimorin as one entity. Shouting names of her voiced characters during her activities.
During one of the Chain Chronicle’s activities, a fan shouted “Kotori” at Uchida Aya and made her felt bad about it. It’s a basic form of courtesy to respect their personal identities and activities. Wouldn’t it be nice to leave a good impression instead?

4. Towel is equally important
Please don’t forget to bring one. (For songs, and for your sweat!)

[Official section] [Mimorin Call sheet]
サマーバケーション:LIGHT BLUE
(Special KB colour turning for Mimorin blade 2)
純情 Da DanDan:YELLOW
Traveling Kit:BLUE
Heart Collection:PURPLE
Spinning Stars:YELLOW
Wonderland Love:LIGHT BLUE

[Fan section]
Light for Kight:WHITE (With reference to アニソンCLUB! and AnimeJapan)
*Jump after “Tomaranai (止まらない)”

スマイリウム (Sumairiumu):PINK→YELLOW
*2nd part: Jump after “ryote ippai hirogete ~ (両手いっぱい広げて~)”
*Changed to Yellow on “Hitotsuhitotsu no hoshi-tachi ga (一つ一つの星たちが)” then body shake twice

ハッピーハッピークリスマス (Happy Happy Christmas):WHITE / GREEN/ RED
Xenotopia:BLUE (With reference to アニソンCLUB! and AnimeJapan)

*1st part: “Are kara (motto) watashi wa (motto)” ” WONDER FLIGHT (Hi) ton jatte (Hi)”
*2nd part: “Emi tte (motto) watashi to (motto)” “WONDER MIND(Hi) ai chatta (Hi)”
*2nd time Chorus: “Dakara issho ni mirai e”
Jump immediately at the “WONDER” part, after the “DER”.
It would be like: “WON(Hi), WON(Hi), WON(Hi) MIND(Hi)”

This is a writer’s opinion #Peaceout

*Credits: 三森すずこ Fan’s俱樂部 Mimorian

Message from Aina Kusuda / 楠田亜衣奈 to Nozomi Tojo [μ’s からμ’s へのありがとう] [電撃G’s magazine][Amusu]


To Nozomi,
Up till now, I have deeply felt that we have been through it together.
Be it confusion, worries, happiness or sadness.
We have really been through a lot.
All of these experiences, to me, is really really precious.
I cannot imagine what my life would be like if I had not met you, Nozomi.

From our first meeting, it has been roughly six years that we have continued on.
I feel really happy and blessed.
I not only want to convey my feelings of thanks, but I would also like for you to know that you have a special place in my heart.
Thank you, Nozomi.

Message from Yoshino Nanjo / 南條愛乃 to Eri Ayase [μ’s からμ’s へのありがとう] [電撃G’s magazine][Amusu]


Even though it’s unnoticeable on the surface,
the Eli that I have voiced will never disappear,
instead, she will live on forever in my heart.
If one day in the future, I could project Eli’s image and voice to her fans, that would be really special.
Even if that day doesn’t come, it doesn’t matter; I would want to stay by your side.
Because, you have made me understood many things in life.

Message from Muse to Muse [μ’s からμ’s へのありがとう] [電撃G’s magazine][Amusu]

μ’s からμ’s へのありがとう was earlier released by 電撃G’s magazine. Be prepared to be filled with feels by these tear-jerking messages from our beloved Seiyuu to Muse.


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Message from Pile to Maki Nishikino [μ’s からμ’s へのありがとう] [電撃G’s magazine][Pilefection]



Be it in the past, or in the future,

Be it whatever the place, we will always go hand in hand.

All these while, you have brought me all kinds of beautiful things.

I believe we can continue,

Continue to see all kinds of beautiful places

From now on, please take care of me!